weekly whatupdate.

not much has happened this week that i haven't already told you about.  like i mentioned, todd and i took a weekend trip to omaha, and on monday we all went to cf to look at houses.  throughout the week the kids and i visited and were visited by lots of friends, and as a result, we have gotten dressed every day since last friday! 

this is big news, people.  yesterday atticus even asked me to clarify that 'jeans are daytime pants, and jammies are nighttime pants.'  this is huge, since it indicates some kind of rhyme and reason to why and when we get dressed, instead of my previous method of just leaving them in the same pajamas until everyone smelled too badly to bear. then i'd just dump everyone in the bathtub and afterward put them in fresh jammies and start the whole cycle again.  it really saved me on laundry, but it really is concerning how few times i'd get them (or myself) dressed during the week.

which brings me to my Womanly Arts update:  this week i have painted my nails more days than not, i have worked on quitting the bad habit of biting my nails, and last night i even used self-tanner in anticipation of having to wear an easter dress this weekend.  now, i'm still new at this Feminine Wiles thing, so i'm hoping this tanner stuff ends up with me looking more like a tropical princess than a circus peanut, but we'll see.

speaking of peanuts, i've been craving them like crazy lately.  because i'm pregnant.  OH! and speaking of being pregnant (see what i did there?), here's the latest photo. 


whenjeskasparks said...

holy smokes, you're gorgeous.
and i mean that with the utmost sincerity. i'm like... i can't stop staring at you. which is as equally creepy as i'm sure it is complimentary, so i'm gonna stop.

todd said...

i'm with jeska.
but i'm the husband with no explaining to do.
jeska on the other hand...


YAYA said...

If you do end up looking like a peanut, I can make you a top hat and paint a monocle on your face. Then you will look more sophisticated than an ordinary circus peanut.