hopefully home sweet home.

as we prepare to move, i kind of go in waves of being really excited and really sad.  probably normal.  right now i'm in a period of mourning the loss of my house, which i love with my whole heart, always and forever.  i try not to think about the fact that, a few years from now, this will simply be the place we lived for a couple of years.  we lived in our apartment for four years, and thinking about it now, it seems like just a little while that we were there.

so in order to stop being all pitiful and dopey and sad, i'm doing my best to look forward to the opportunity to make a new house our 'home.'  and i think we might do things a little differently this time.  as in, buy a fixer-upper.  as in, i think i'd prefer a ranch-style. 

if you know me at all, this may come as a bit of a shock.  for one thing, i want to strangle the guy who first thought skinny trimwork was a good idea.  he seems to have been instrumental in the development of the ranch house.  and what is the deal with hollow core doors?  people were idiots there for a while.

but, anyway, there are a couple cute ranches we've seen in the cf area, and i'm getting excited at the prospect of a blank-slate house, where i can do whatever i want and people aren't all, YOU'RE PAINTING THAT TRIM?! YOU'RE REPLACING THOSE WINDOWS?!  our current house has been a bit limiting in that regard.  so i've been busy and squirrelly on pinterest, hoarding photos of kitchens and dreaming of getting to buy a junky old house and making it 'ours.'  and that's actually pretty exciting!



todd said...

it is iowa and i, like the rest of us, like ranch on everything.

The Crislers said...

As a fellow old-house-lover, that IS exciting, because if anyone can make a ranch-style house stylish and beautiful, it is you, my dear.