they knew just what i needed this week.

the other day, i got a couple boxes in the mail from todd's parents, who are down in arizona a for the winter.  it turns out, they were boxes full of sunshine.

the following day, i received a handwritten card from my best friend.  not only did it boost my spirits, but it gave me a handy tip on what to do with all those lemons.

apparently my family and friends know just what i need from time to time:  to receive a little love in the mail, and to stuff my bra.  problems solved and life is looking up.


todd said...

that's not lemonade.

Sarah said...

1. I'm sure everyone has told you this already but thanks for blogging, it provides me a smile and a feeling that I am not alone when I come around the corner to discover Elijah has taken every kleenex out of the box and strewn them around the room.
2. Because clearly you can't do this yourself, I searched gluten-free lemon desserts and found this beauty
Looks much more delicious than deodorant and has the added perk of oh this has sugar so I can't share with the kids must eat it all myself :)

whenjeskasparks said...

bahahahaa. I love how that worked out. sidenote: my handwriting always looks better the second I do it and then when I see it later I think it sucks. it's like handwriting buyers remorse. aaaaannnd I love you. bahaha that card kills me.