a cardboard box would be cheaper and just as structurally sound.

(alternative title:  'happy birthday to me, there are no houses.')

yesterday, todd took the day off work and we went to cf to look at houses.  long story (and looooong day) short, there are no houses we want to live in.  we'll probably end up living in the UNI dorms.  OR IN THE MALL!  (they have a kohl's, so no need to worry about us, we'll be well-supplied.)

we had to take the kids with us, and we looked at eight houses over the course of about five hours.  it be cray.  it's a stressful process anyway, looking at houses, but having the kids with us and doing so many over the course of a single day were nearly the cause of my mortal downfall.  not to mention the feeling of total defeat when none of the houses left us optimistic about finding a decent place to live. 

this one place had a mouse run through it when i opened the garage door, i'm not even kidding you.  this other place had water pouring into the basement through the foundation as we watched.  atticus put his hand right in black mold at another place.  one place had asbestos flooring (i didn't even know that was a thing).  the house with the most promise needed a new roof and two of the bedrooms didn't even have doors or a place to eventually add doors.

i'm beginning to think it's too much to ask to find a house that isn't in the active process of crumbling to dust.

so, i guess at this point all we're able to do is sit around and see what else comes on the market over the course of the spring and early summer.  maybe we'll end up renting?  who knows.  i just want to get settled somewhere before the baby comes.  (which is a whole other thing in and of itself.  have i told you that i haven't even been to the doctor yet?  no?  story for another day.)


todd said...

cra fo sho

whenjeskasparks said...

aw, i'm sorry. that's got to be such a bummer and even extra on your birthday. i'll keep praying that god will lead you to the perfect house that will surpass all your pinteresty-dreams. (or am i the only person that feels that way?)

sorry again i didn't call you today! first i was at work and then we went to the middle of nowhere kansas to the wedding venue and i not only didn't have any bars, but i didn't have 3g either. i blame verizon. jerks. and then we got back pretty late because mom wanted to talk to the caterer/floral dept/bakery dept at hyvee before we left.

the venue is pretty dang sweet though so i'm psyched about that. admittedly i was nervous it was going to be teh sux and i'm happy it's not. and things look pretty good with the rest of it all coming together, too. so that's good. it feels like i actually did something "real" today, you know? like i actually did a real wedding thing. haha. the rest is so ethereal because it's all a website, or telling other people what to wear and all that.

i hope you have had luck finding a dress! i don't know if you saw all the links i posted awhile back to your original question on the wedding facebook page/group thinger. you are one of three preggie ladies, so you are among good company :)

i love you and i hope your birthday wasn't a complete bust. maybe i should send you more bdubs gift cards.. there's nothing i like drowning my sorrows in more than a pile of asian zing wings.