get this.

my wonderful husband (or, as they say here in the world of mom blogs, 'hubby,' which has always grossed me out but seems to strike some kind of cutesy cord with some people) surprised me this weekend with a totally unforeseen trip to omaha for my birthday.  now, i know what you're thinking: 'what's in omaha besides a bunch of buildings tagged with gang art?' well, i'll tell you, friends: ANTHROPOLOGIE!

my husband knows me well.

i got to take my first trip to an actual brick-and-mortar (is that still a term?) anthro instead of just drooling over their kitchenware online.  i think todd was just tired of getting my leftover saliva all over his hands when he tried to use the laptop to send emails.  which is why he decided to risk venturing into public with a virtually rabid wife. 

we walked in and i was foaming at the mouth and hardly speaking english.  i was all, 'butter dishmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! handpaintedhrrrrrrrm!  dishtowekkks!'  i think it was the highlight of my life up to this point, barring the days my kids were born no days.

okay, but i'll back up and tell you that first he was going to take me to this really yummy restaurant in downtown omaha on saturday night, but we got there at 5:00 and the wait was already almost four hours long.  (it was prom night there, apparently, which meant that every place was packed out with a bunch of girls balancing precariously on obviously uncomfortable shoes and trying to keep their boobs from popping out the tops of their scandalous dresses.  youth these days.)  so we went to this other place nearby, the mushroom soup at which was so delicious i would shank you if you tried to take it from me.  that's pretty delicious.

after that, we accidentally drove back into iowa.  and then back into nebraska.  and then somehow back into iowa again, and then back into nebraska.  all in an effort to find the mall.  we're nothing if not dedicated.  (upon entering iowa, there are these huge, rusty, freaky statues that are all, 'welcome to iowa.  something horrible is about to happen to you.')

found the mall, purchased nothing, but did mentally judge a lady for taking her elementary-aged children into victoria's secret with her.  just keeping it real.

left the mall, picked up some dessert at the cheesecake factory, and headed to the marriott, where they gave us a room on the top floor that the elevator wouldn't even access unless you used your room key IN THE ELEVATOR.  i felt like richard gere in pretty woman, all penthouse-y.  (not sure which is weirder to say: that i feel like the richard gere character, or the julia roberts character.  because, if you remember nothing about that movie, he's a lonely rich guy who buys a prostitute for a week, and she's, well, a prostitute that gets purchased for a week by a lonely rich guy.  when you break it down like that, maybe i don't want to be either of them.)  anyway.  we got to our room, ate cheesecake in bed, and then stayed up way too late watching house hunters until we passed out from exhaution.  steamy.

yesterday morning, we visited an Acts 29 church, which was AWESOME, spent most of the the rest of our time at anthropologie (which i already chronicled) and headed home.  the end.

i'm sure omaha is still all, 'what just happened?  i suddenly feel more important, but also like someone is secretly judging me for the number of vagrants hanging out around my mall.'  and that, omaha, is because the van voorsts just pwnd the place.  and you'll never be the same.


Amanda Cushman said...

LOVE me some Anthropologie! Glad you guys were able to get away for a weekend. You deserve it. :)

todd said...

omahahahahahahah, lol! :)