where's waldo? finneas might soon be able to tell you. and will also look like waldo.

i was hoping that, by today, finn's glasses would have arrived and i could post pictures of his tiny, newly-bespectacled face.

yes, that's right.  finneas is getting glasses.  our optical genetics are the worst.  at some point we really should just start adopting so that we don't bestow our eye problems on any more poor, unsuspecting children.  (but van voorst babies are so cute, even with glasses, that i think there should be a million of them.  or really, four of them.  because that's how many there currently are.  and i can't think about having any more kids right now.  stop pressuring me.)


so, yes.  poor little blind-as-a-bat-and-also-cross-eyed finneas will be amazed to see the world come to light once he gets his glasses.  or maybe not amazed...maybe he'll be like, i thought it would be better.  where'd the grass go?  he's hard to please like that.



todd said...

if Finneas finds as much food on the floor now solely by instinct, imagine how stealth he will be once he has all of his faculties functioning. unless it's like one of those superhero things where because he can't see he can hear things in nearby states in which case he will deviate to the mean and be less able to sniff out food crumbs.

i'm kinda praying for superhero though.

YAYA said...

I can envision Finn as a superhero! Totally.