tons of fun, finn is (still) one.

wow.  it's monday already.  how does that happen? 

we had a small birthday party for finneas on saturday.  i couldn't find the balloons or streamers, and i couldn't come up with anything to get him for a present, so he got a decorless party and a gift bag filled with 'chitty chitty bang bang' and a toothbrush.  i am a terrible mom.

and by 'birthday party,' i really just mean that my mom and stepdoug came for the day, we ate lasagna and then some cake and ice cream, and called it a day.  lucky for me, finneas really could have cared less about any of it outside of the cake and ice cream.  and he didn't care that i had already packed my cake pans so i had to make his cake in bread pans, so it looked like a chocolate brick with a '1' on top.  (who am i kidding? it looked like a turd wearing a festive hat.)

The Turd, and pre-mess finneas.

the professor is now wearing his glasses and is ready for a long day of testing.  subject one: cake.  subject two: ice cream.  examining the physical and sensory attributes of subjects.  documenting physiological responses.

still examining.  still documenting.  testing the null hypothesis and all that.

wrapping up the loose ends of the study, calculating the results of the data...
results of the study: cake is finneas' new girlfriend and they will get married and live in a chocolate house.  can't argue with science.
 (i love this photo with my whole heart.  he's totally in love with that cake.)
this is around the time that the sugar kicked in and he lost all conscious control of his arms.


looking pretty proud of his accomplishment.

and also looking sugar-manic.


todd said...

that was so much fun.

i love reading your blog.

i love living these events out and then your commentary on the back end is always worth the price of admission.

can't argue with science.

i too love finneas' appreciation love of cake and ice cream clearly caught on camera as he envisions Mrs. Finneas Van Voorst.

whenjeskasparks said...

i can believe that there is something cuter than penelope with glasses that exists. but sure enough, prof. finneas takes the cake. (boooo bad jokessss.) someday you should take all these entries and just make family books. i'm planning on doing something like that with our family and it's what i did for josh's wedding present i'm going to give him. love you. love your family.