a year of finneas in review.

yesterday was finneas' birthday.  i really can't believe he's already a year old.  every person who has ever had kids will tell you it goes quickly, but it seems that with each progressive kid, the time goes faster and faster.  how is my tiniest baby one already?  how has it been a whole year?


finneas is my cuddle bug.  he is quiet and flexible and observant and, honestly, pretty stealth.  he has kind of had to be, considering he's always being pushed around or knocked over or stolen from.
he is ticklish, especially right on his chest.  he loves baths.  he is desperately in love with todd.  he tries to type on the computer whenever it's in reach.  he is almost always under the dining room table, scavanging old lunchy bits.  he has eight teeth and is working on numbers nine and ten.  to fall asleep, he sucks the two first fingers on his right hand and rub his quilt against his ear with his left.  he likes to sing and be sung to.  he is much more tolerant of his car seat than previous van voorst babies.  he is still in a 3-6 month coat and fits in his carrier car seat.  he says 'uh oh' and 'hi' and 'dada' and 'duck.'  he is most alive and vibrant when he's sitting in his high chair and getting food. 

he likes long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners under the stars.

he's my baby.  it's hard for me to think about the fact that he won't always be my littlest.  i love babying him.  it has been a good, very good year.

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todd said...

what a joy to have another little van voorst growing up. i love the kids God has given to us.