pinterest, my cravings for shrimp, and how to make life worth living when you're gluten-free.

ahh, pinterest.  how we all love to hate you.  and also love to love you obsessively.

my most frequent activity on pinterest is looking up new recipes to try.  however, the other night, atticus was watching me pin a couple recipes and was all like, 'later i want to actually eat that food.'  he is apparently clued in to something that i've been in denial about for a while:  i hardly ever make anything i pin.  instead, about once a week i make this slop i concocted and dubbed 'rice casserole.'  the kids cry on rice casserole night.  (i personally find it quite tasty and think the kids are just trying to get attention.)

anyway.  i've decided to mend my errant pinterest ways and actually try a couple of recipes out this month.  i've even dedicated a special pinterest board to my lofty and likely unrealistic goal.  a couple of recipes i'm really excited to try are this pasta-y, goat-cheesy, mushroomy thing.  and some shrimp thing that the barefoot contessa dreamed up.  and some parmesan crusted tilapia.  oh yeah.  move over rice casserole, we're going to give the kids something new to cry about.

and now a tangential list of things this month's recipes made me think of: 

1.  seafood.  the seafood/fish cravings are starting (did i mention that i'm feel pretty confident this baby is a girl?), which is convenient since it's lent and everything fish-related is stocked up and marked down.  i love me some lenten pregnancy.

2.  you may have noticed that i like pasta.  and breaded stuff.  and more pasta.  it's kind of my 'thing.'  you can't spell 'paige van voorst' without 'carbohydrates.'  (hmm.  that saying worked better with my maiden name, paige carbohydrates.)  but you also might know that i'm gluten-free.  and here's how i manage to not kill myself:

a) rice pasta from trader joe's.  super cheap, and decently good once you get the hang of cooking it so it doesn't turn into The Sludge Formerly Known As Rice Pasta.

b) high-gluten wheat flour imported from italy.  (so i guess i'm not technically gluten-free, just gluten-snobby.)  yeah, i don't know what it is about this flour, something about the way the wheat has been grown or processed or has turned its mood around in the mediterranean sun, but i tolerate it well, as do many other GF friends (even one who has celiac).  it's about a buck a pound, which is insanely cheap considering the price of typical GF-friendly flours.  hit me up if you want to know more about it or where i get it.  (i can also eat wheat pasta imported from italy, like tortellini from trader joe's.)

between these two life-savers, i hardly notice the GF issue at all when i'm cooking at home, and hardly ever even bother looking up GF-specific recipes, even for baked goods.

anyway.  all that long, rambling post to say, i'm going to be eating like a pinterest queen for the next few weeks.  who wants to take on the challenge with me and commit to making a couple pinterest recipes this month?  doooooooo ittttttttt.


YAYA said...

Found a really awesome curried shrimp and rice recipe on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago. Check my board for the recipe if you wish. It's GF and very yummy. Curry is not overpowering.

todd said...

don't get too curried away after all.


i know, paige. i know.

that was just for YAYA.

paige said...

whoa, mom. i did hop over to your pinterest board to find that recipe and...well...that's a lot of shrimp you have going on over there.

YAYA said...

Thanks Todd! You know how much I love puns, and also how much Paige hates them. This was a double treat for me. :)

Paige, this is evidence of the tangents we can get on once sucked into the Pinterest universe. I started looking for one Shrimp recipe and they all looked so good. The one I suggested is the first we have tried, but "later I want to actually eat that food" still applies to the others.