i don't always 'what's up.' but when i do, i do it weekly.

it's been a long time since i've done a weekly 'what's up.'  bringing it back old school.

we did nothing at the beginning of the week.  i voluntarily gave the kids ample baths this week, so that was good.  they smell only slightly wonky now, which is better than usual.

yesterday, i went to pick up our grocery order twenty minutes away, and when i attempted to start the van in the parking lot to come back home, the battery was dead.  as soon as atticus heard the 'clickclick' of the ignition, he said, 'i think somebody needs to come jump the van.'  apparently the battery dies enough that he knows what's up.  todd had to drive thirty minutes from work, jump the van, and drive thirty minutes back in the middle of the day.  excellent.

finneas got his glasses yesterday.  prepare yourself for lots of photos of my baldheaded little professor-baby

todd discovered a meme generator and had a heyday.

that was our week.  how was yours?

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todd said...

i cannot believe i only recently discovered a meme generator.

that could be like my pinterest. just hours wasting away thinking up tweet-length gotchas and half laughs.

woo hoo!