very pinteresting.

i'm plugging away at my personal challenge to make some of my pinned recipes this month.  and you know what? I. LOVE. PINTEREST.  goat cheesy mushroomy pasta?  owned.  veggie chowder? owned.  olive garden alfredo sauce? OWNED.  i feel like a master chef, or at least someone who's literate and has all the required ingredients on hand. 

i may or may not have also eaten three batches of 'box-free brownies' in the last week.  which is where pinterest has probably been my downfall.  what did pregnant women do before pinterest?  (i'm trying to remember that far back, because i've definitely been pregnant at least twice without a pinterest account, which shows you how old i am how recent a development pinterest is and also how often i'm pregnant.)  (it's really often.)

has anyone else made anything pinteresty recently?


Kate A said...

super easy + healthy

Made these salt dough ornaments for an easter tree [branches from the backyard...] but instead of using paint, I tinted the dough with food coloring. She loved making and playing with the dough and they turned out adorable.

todd said...

i have really enjoyed eating these meals. thanks for planning and preparing them for us.