tacky, weird, kind of gross, but a little appealing. just like me.

i like really pretty things and also really tacky stuff.  there's often a fine line, and i probably cross it all the time.  makes sense, since i would describe my decorating style as "kind of old lady, lots of garage sale.  i like funny stuff.  and i like flowers.  and most pastels.  and bright colors. and also white.  and i prefer it all costs me less than five dollars."  you can see where i can easily get myself into dangerous territory.

when i shop, i'm frequently really cautious about what i buy.  i don't shop often, and i don't usually have a ton of spending money when i do go, so i want to know that i love something and that it will last me a long time before i spend any money on it. 

which is why i passed up this plate at anthropologie this weekend:

so tacky, right?  and yet and i have been kicking myself ever since we got home that i didn't buy it.  i was all, 'you only like this ugly praying mantis plate because that's what's in front of you right now, and what would you ever do with a praying mantis plate, and everyone will think you're a freak because you like it, so don't waste the money.'  but then i was at my friend jess' yesterday, and she has this darling plate display on her dining room wall, and i was all jealous and like, i wish i had a plate display and i wish that praying mantis plate would watch over us at mealtime.

this goldfish plate came in a close second in the race for my heart:

why am i such a tacky human being?


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whenjeskasparks said...

oh, those are just fantastic. haha maybe i should have gotten you those instead of other lovelies? -- of which, keep an eye out for mail april 1st. :)