aaaaand we're back.

aaaaaand it's only feb 28, so i'm back a day earlier than i told you i'd be.  but a) i've spent entirely too much time pinterest-ing over the last week, so i need to find more responsible things to do with my time now, like blog, and b) we have some exciting news.

our house is under contract!  hooray hooray and a big sigh of relief. 

we put our house up on zillow (a 'for sale by owner' site) last wednesday.  by the following monday we had given seven showings (and eaten a lot of mcdonald's) and received two offers.  so. insane.  so we got to be on the puppet-master end of a bidding war, which isn't as fun or maniacal as it sounds.  it's actually really stressful and you come off looking like a douchebag to the buyers.  so i'm glad it's over.

our house is still technically on the market, since the people who are buying it have to sell their own house yet.  we'll continue showing it and entertaining any offers that come our way until their house is under contract, so we're not totally free-and-clear of this whole home-selling debacle yet.  but we're just that much closer!

totally a god-thing.  we sold our house in under a week for higher than asking price...and haven't had a single person call for a showing since then.  which is amazeballs, since i have three preschoolers and a personal code of ethics that requires me to not put anything away when i'm finished with it, so home showing is a BEAST.

on today's agenda:  praying for a job to fall into place for todd.  also, praying for a pan of brownies to show up on my doorstep.

welcome back to the internetz, paige van voorst!


Amanda Cushman said...

That's so exciting! I completely understand the stress of selling a home...ours was on the market for almost a year! I'm not surprised yours sold so's beautiful!! So happy for you guys. :)

Katlyn said...

I happened to stumble upon your blog when you posted on facebook. you are so. incredibly. hilarious. i'm pretty sure i was laughing/smiling reading several of your most recent posts. keep 'em comin'. :)

todd said...


you better jump on that trademark post haste.

welcome back mrs. kot-ter!