hey! long time no blog!

yikes.  i'm a little behind in blogging, huh?  well, i feel like making some excuses, so here they are: first, i'm kind of under the weather.  (must have partied a little too hearty on easter.  i'll post about that later this week.)  second, the kids are under the weather.  third, the computer cord is under the weather.  by which i mean, it completely died and was no more.  but in an easter miracle, it was resurrected back to life last night! (that's a lie; todd had to go buy a new one.  but still.  it feels miraculous that my computer is working this morning, so we'll go with it.)

anyway.  i have a lot to tell you, like how i encased a beef tenderloin in four pounds of salt and cooked it with my fingers crossed and it turned out DELICIOUS.  and how i put anchovies in this salsa-stuff i made for the beef tenderloin, but i didn't tell anyone they were in there, but how the salsa tasted awesome anyway.  (easter joke's on them.)  and how this tanning lotion i've been using has not turned me into a circus peanut, but how i have these orange rings around my ankles where i got a little lackadaisical with the whole "even application" rule.  and how i've been looking up municipal laws regarding chicken keeping because GOOD HEAVENS DO I WANT CHICKENS.  (and also an urban homestead where i grow all my own grains and harvest and weave my own cotton.  that's a lie but you could see where i might go there.)

see? there's a lot to tell you.  but there's so little time this morning! so i promise to be better about posting blogs through the rest of this week and not be such a lazy slacker anymore.


The Crislers said...

"Hi, my name is Rain. I have my own kiln, and my dress is made out of wheat."

todd said...

"Hi Rain! My name is Grizz and I use rocks as deodorant and have fashioned a sleeping bag out of my shirt."