how mumford & sons has restored some of my hope in humanity.

errrrrbdy and their mom likes mumford & sons, am i right?  i admit i'm no different; i mean, it makes sense, considering i'm a sucker for most things banjo and plus, they're mumford and who doesn't like mumford?!  and i'm not even going to lie to you and say something like, 'i loved mumford before they were cool' or whatever.  i didn't.  before they were cool, i had never heard of them, and then i had still never heard their music until well after they had become popular.  i was pretty late jumping on this bandwagon, but once i did, i jumped on it all willy-nilly and without care.

(which leads me to a tangent:  don't be a 'i liked _____ before it was popular' person.  that guy is an ass.  who the crap cares when you started liking it?  is this supposed to make me think more highly of you than if you had started liking it six months later than you did?  and the even ass-ier guy is the one who stops liking whatever it is as soon as he thinks it's becoming too popular, or looks down on people for only liking that thing 'because everyone else does.'  that guy is the walking definition of 'stinky turd.')

anyway.  i'm, in fact, encouraged by the very fact that EVERYONE loves mumford.  and here's why:

1. it gives me hope that people can still recognize quality.  mumford is legit.  there are plenty of one-trick ponies out there, cranking out the electronic reruns of songs we've already heard just because that makes for big money and fast fame.  or the music is half-decent, but the lyrics are insipid.  i mean,  don't get me wrong, i really do love Train as much as the next guy, but they are a prime example of the fact that you can be a band of total lyrical retards and still be insanely popular.  even people in comas 'get' Train songs.  or take ke$ha.  if you ever hear a mumford song about wanting to see some guy's dirty briefs, you'd probably assume that it has some deep and philosophical meaning about the afterlife that you can only pretend to get.  ke$ha, on the other hand?  you know she's just singing about seeing some guy's dirty briefs.  the only thing you may not understand is just how dirty those briefs might be.

2. it gives me hope that people can still recognize talent.  katy perry has a cat named Kitty Purry, which in my book should be the foundational principle upon which people respect her.  and rightly so: that is some funny stuff, people.  but beyond that, there's really no explicable reason that she's famous, other than that pop-radio enthusiasts are idiots.  except for when they, out of nowhere, band together and scream, "MORE MUMFORD & SONS."  unexpected, really.  but a welcome change of pace.

3. they are not famous because they writhe.  and that gives me hope that there may someday be less writhing in this world, generally speaking.  we little people like to mimic the famous.  at least if we're mimicking the guys in mumford & sons, we'll probably just stand there like normal people most of the time, and maybe make a few weird faces when we're getting really intense.  i can live with that.

4. they sing (realistically) about death.  when we're listening to full albums in the car, atticus likes to play the game, 'he's singing about dying again!'  they're not into this whole YOLO culture that acts like dying is for someday and acting like drunk, horny primates is for now.

5. BANJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ERRRRBDY LOVES BANJO AGAIN!  it was a sad day when bob dylan plugged in that electric guitar way back when.  i blame him for the individual jackson careers.  and jock jams.  but i'm feeling that we may be coming full circle, and i'm hoping that maybe the fiddle? steel guitar? mandolin?  are soon to follow.  in a not-toby-keith kind of way. 

so, yes.  to sum up, i love this band, not only because they're talented, but because their immense popularity makes me feel like we are not all as stupid about music as i would have assumed.

but seriously, though, on a side note:  if i hear 'i will wait for you' one more time on the radio, i WILL light something on fire.


todd said...


and agreed on the "i will wait for you" air-time debacle.

YAYA said...

I love how Mumford shows up on my "Ramones Radio" station on Pandora

whenjeskasparks said...

not gonna lie.. i'm not a big mumford fan actually. all their songs sound the same to my ears. some are good though, i'm just not like ... ever going to be interested in seeing them live.
(don't hate me.)

todd said...

not gonna lie, but jeska - i kind of assumed you would say something like that.


paige said...

@jeska, i'm pretty sure your ears are wrong.

whenjeskasparks said...

yeah. you're pwobably wite.