penelope is three!

yesterday was penelope's birthday.  while we didn't do much specifically for it (i was packing all day, plus her party will be this weekend), we did get a chance to do a few little things.  she blew out three candles at breakfast ('when i am three, i blow out three candles.  one candle, two candles, and then three candles.  like that.').  then, after she pooped in the toilet rather than in her diaper (it's still a work in progress), she got three chocolate chips instead of the regular two.  after lunch we ate ice cream with yet another candle in it.

i spent little chunks of the day reflecting on what we've been through and who she is.  she is a spitfire.  she knows what she wants and she's impossible to convince otherwise.  she knows how (and likes) to push your buttons on purpose.  she is a total clown and inherently knows what kind of stuff will get a laugh.  she is in a stage where she loves to pretend to be a baby.  she prefers to color/draw with pens rather than crayons.  she hates getting dirty.  she loves to read.  she speaks jibberish on purpose.

we've been through a lot together - we dealt with my postpartum depression after her birth, which was really hard for both of us, obviously in different ways.  there was that one time she was almost strangulated in her crib overnight.  but those experiences have really led to the unique relationship i have with her, and i'm so grateful god used those things to help me see her and and know her and appreciate her in ways i don't know that i would otherwise.

one of the more surprising parts about becoming a mom is that i find that their birthdays are less about 'them' than i would have assumed - every birthday that rolls around has me reflecting on their birth stories and their uniquenesses and my experience being their mom.  i find i have more to celebrate than just 'another year down,' as it feels when i'm celebrating my own birthdays.  i honestly enjoy their birthdays more than my own for that reason.  anyone else feel this way about their kids' birthdays?


Amanda Cushman said...

Happy Birthday to Penelope! And happy day of reflection to her mommy! :)

todd said...

remember her tiny little scratchy voice she had when she coo'd?

whenjeskasparks said...

remember when todd would go "mmmm" in a high-ish tone and she'd made that sad face? i love that.
happy birthday, penelope!

todd said...

jeska, i do remember that. i had forgotten. God has given us some good times. :)