weekly 'what's up'

top o' the marnin' to ya.

it's friday, and you know what that means:  everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend.  (tomorrow is saturday and sunday comes afterwaaaaaard; i don't want this weekend to eeeeeeeennnnndd.)  also, it means i'm updating you on our week.

likelihood is that, as you read this, i am out garage sale-ing.  my first outing of the year!  oh my, how i yearned for this day through the long, dreary, bargainless winter.  and it's here and i'm thrilled!

okay, but let's back up:  on tuesday, some friends offered to take the kids so i could go grocery shopping, and when i went to deposit them, my friends gave me gift cards to panera and starbucks and told me to take time for lunch while i was at it!!  are. you. kidding. me?!  so i skipped merrily and hands-free-ly along on my errands, then soaked in the pleasure of lunch by myself.  no feeding anyone but me.  no breaking up fights.  no picking up food/silverware/cups off the floor fifteen bajilliondy times throughout the course of the meal.  just me and my food and a(n uninterrupted!) call to my mom while i people-watched.  that's how i do.

for the life of me, i can't remember what we did on wednesday.  i'm skeptical that there even was a wednesday this week, now that i think about it.

oh right, now i remember.  our furnace died overnight on tuesday, so we spent wednesday  waiting for the furnace repair guy.  oh yeah.  and then we shelled out seven hundred bucks to fix our furnace, and scheduled an appointment for the repair guy to come back so he can install some other (yet-to-be-paid-for) part that he didn't have on hand.

we also spent some time baking cookies as a way to warm up the kitchen.

thursday was uneventful, other than i ate a bunch of cookies.

womanly arts update:  i'm currently not wearing any pants (at least as i write this - if i'm garage sale-ing at this point, i'm most likely wearing pants of some kind) and i'm wrapped up in a tacky minnie mouse fleece blanket and my hair is all wonky and i'm not wearing makeup and my nails are bitten to the quick and unpainted.  also i'm eating raw cookie dough, which is girlish but also PMS-y, so it's probably not a great indicator of any significant positive feminine strides.  i'm failing miserably at this challenge.  i should have named it the 'androgenous hobo-ly arts challenge.'  then i could have conquered the challenge, and made myself some kind of androgenous prize ribbon (probs made out of flannel or untanned cowhide) to wear, which would boost my self esteem just enough to overcome the shame and guilt at being the winner of such a challenge and wearing such a ribbon. 

pregnancy update: oh, did i fail to mention that they moved my due date back two weeks?  i'm all, i was there.  based on experiential knowledge and some crude math, i'm pretty sure i can tell you when i'm due.'  but they were all, 'the ultrasound says blarblarblar'.  so the ultrasound wins and i'm now officially due august 31.  which throws a wrench in the whole photo taking project:  do you take another 22-week photo, so then you have two, one of which has you looking bigger than in the first 23-week photo but not as big as in the second 23-week photo?  so confusing.  or do you just plan on taking photos through like week 45 or whatever?  (i also tend to go past due.)  good gravy, that's depressing.

we decided to go with the latter option and just keep plugging away in order.  here's this week's misleadingly-but-chronologically-numbered picture:

whew.  one more week of life down.  what was up with you?


todd said...

i didn't have a single headache all week! until today. woke up and my neck was stiff and pain was already behind my eyes. bum.mer. i am hoping as the day goes by it gets better.

YAYA said...

I had a similar situation with the "experts" adjusting the due date for your sister. I figured 2/16, they said nope... 1/26. She arrived according to her own timetable on 2/13. Who was right? I say she was 3 days early.