we're having a...

on friday, i had an appointment scheduled with my new midwife.  it was the first time we'd hear the heartbeat, so todd got a little time off work and we took the kids so we could all be there to hear the crazy swoosh-swoosh-swoosh.  we had no idea that the midwife would be all, 'wanna do your ultrasound, like, rightnow?'

not only did we all get to be there for it, but they also did those crazy 4-D ultrasounds, so we got to see the baby's face, not just the holes in her skull that form the face.  (lord love the 2-D ultrasounds, but there are some freaky images that show up.)

so without further ado, meet the newest baby GIRL van voorst, affectionately known to the existing v.v. kids as amelia bedelia.

the kids are still mourning the loss of what could have been a brother.  penelope keeps saying she wants five kids now, so she can have a brother.  it's hard to get her to see that she already has two.  but whatever.  we'll cross that bridge when we get there, sisterfriend. 

as for me, i couldn't be more thrilled that we're having another girl!  so excited for penelope to have a sister (and to get to pull out all those darling pink baby clothes again)!


todd said...

you are a great mom and i am so excited to have another girl who will get to be guided in her earlierst years of life by you. i trust no woman more than i do you and am EXCITED to see daughters formed in the image of their mother.

Anonymous said...


whenjeskasparks said...

your ability to produce wonderful children is practically occult. boy girl boy girl... jealous. i'm nervous i'll get like bear, trex, girl, girl girl girl, hamster. shrug. josh brings in some pretty wild genes.

todd said...

jeska, i can't wait to meet your little baby shrug

todd said...

by the way, my last comment's verify code was:

"take workpet"