one cook is too many cooks in the kitchen, if that cook is me.

i've never really liked to cook.  i think it started out as a direct result of my complete cluelessness and my tight grocery budget, and was fueled by some early failures (um, have you heard the story of that one time, early in marriage, when i made Jalapeno-Coconut Milk-Pumpkin Soup?  can you guess, on a scale of one to sewage, just how disgusting it was?  i bet you can.)

then i had kids and my disdain for cooking got stronger.  not only was i exhausted by the end of the day, but i would have to figure out how to cook with kids running between my legs and sticking their heads in the oven and generally just being antagonistic toward the whole process.  not to mention the scientifically proven fact that a child cannot be within a ten-foot radius of the stove without whining his head off.  then, once i got the food on the table, the kids would - without fail - complain about what i made, ask for something different, cry, throw it/spit it out, and/or start gagging.  hardly makes the effort seem worth it.

and then there's after-dinner cleanup, which makes me want to die.  i'm wondering if that guy that sawed his own arms off at the home depot did it as an excuse to get out of scraping dried eggs off the sides of a pan.

but lately, i feel like the heavens have been parting and the angels have been singing and cooking has generally been on the up and up.  and here's why:

1. a strict "stop whining or get out of my kitchen" rule.  harsh but effective.

2. pinterest, and recipes i'm actually excited to try.  (HUGE motivator!)

3. a slightly-expanded tolerance for new foods on the part of my kids.

4. pinterest-recipe brownies to use as self-medication when things go terribly awry.  (this is still real-life, after all.)

what has helped you guys hate cooking less?  or am i alone in finding it a scourge?  please tell me i'm not alone...


todd said...

i could see mainlaining mocha fraps to assist with the day-to-day. i should look into that!

The Crislers said...

1. Meal planning. I HATE coming up with meals, and stress waaaay too much about what I'm going to make if I wait until the day of. So on weekends I try to outline what I'm making for supper each night the upcoming week, check to see what ingredients I need, etc, and make my grocery list from that. Sounds simple, but it took me YEARS to actually start executing.

2. Saying, "" every time the kids come within ten feet when I'm cooking supper. Don't knock it; it WORKS.

3. Mostly, I think it's just that my kids have gotten a little older. Cade still has a terrible burn scar on one of his calves because I was so determined to cook when my kids were babies. So the nights you decide not to cook, you're really just saving them from harm.

Our life in pictures said...

I'm with Kristy on the menu....I *try to make a menu for the week, do my shopping...the hard part is sticking to it!
*My kids (and hubs)know my psychotic rule....YOU MAY NOT COME IN THE KITCHEN WHEN I'M COOKING!!!! (until invited) My kids will stand on the carpet to talk to me :) so're not mean...all mom's have that rule...right?????
*don't feel guilty for cooking simple...I felt I always had to make something new, with lots of ingredients and sides and one day the hubs says "how about spaghetti or tacos or eggs tonight" I was like " can do that? it doesn't have to be balsalmic chicken with avocados and provolone cheese with homemade bread and asparagus bake?" (which is really good BTW)