on today's agenda:

1.  going to the eye doctor's office, yet again, to have penelope's glasses fixed, yet again.  i swear we're in there about once every two weeks.  this time it's because she got bored on the drive home from waterloo this weekend, so she decided to take them off and them.  i really have no idea how she managed it, but both ear pieces came off and a lens popped out.  so they're barely even recognizeable as glasses.

2.  bemoaning the change of weather from eighty degrees and sunny yesterday (i got sunburned!  while wearing a tank top!  while working in the yard!) to fifty degrees and rainy today.  it's supposed to snow on thursday.

which brings me to a tangent on my love/hate relationship with iowa weather.  obviously, i love the seasons.  most people do, i'd guess, unless those people are stupid.  but wow, there's a lot of drama in iowa regarding the weather.  just the other afternoon i was taking a soak (that's my quaint way of saying 'bath') during naptime, and the tornado sirens started going off.  before i had a chance to look at the sky (normal-grey, not greeny-grey, so no worries there) and evidence of wind (breezy, but not dead-still or gusting, so apparently these were just practice sirens), the single panicked thought popped into my mind: 'ohp, it's spring in iowa and you should never find yourself naked for longer than absolutely necessary because you never know when the wind is going to pick up your house and fling you directly onto the mayor's dining room table.'

moral of the story: i quickly got out of the tub after that, both to avoid voyeurism in the event of a twister and to not be in a body of water should lightning strike.  if there's one silver lining to iowa weather, it's that i'm clearly prepared for a myriad of unlikely conditions at the hands of extreme weather.  i'll probably also be able to sense the second armageddon starts. 


todd said...

sissy is hard a pair of glasses for sure!

Jenni and Dan said...

I never realized before how much I laugh out loud while reading your blog, but apparently I do because Kaiden keeps asking me what's so funny.