just curious.

it's not a surprise to anyone that i'm a weirdo.  but get this: when i see or hear something really pretty, my mouth waters.  like, not just figuratively.  i saw this mint-colored barn the other day and my whole mouth was suddenly filled with saliva.  i clearly didn't want to eat the barn.  but something in my brain is like, "POSITIVE SENSORY INPUT!" and then tells my spit glands (or whatever, i'm clearly not a body scientist) to go nuts.  my fingers start to tingle too, like i want to put whatever the thing is in my pocket. 

how unusual is this?  let's take a survey: does this (or any other weird sensory response) happen to you?


todd said...

but like you, i do often want to steal stuff.

Jessica said...

Out of curiousity, did a scientist by the name of Pavlov ever conduct any research on you?

mommakris38 said...

My hands sweat when I see people in high places...( 50 stories up on a mountain ledge or hang gliding, not presidents or dictators )

todd said...

your hands DON'T sweat when you see dictators?

man, i am a coward!

lauren said...

I get goosebumps when I see beautiful things.