the weekly 'what's up' (books edition, apparently.)

i really have no idea how we spent this week; it has seriously flown by.  i DO know that the weather has been amazing for the last few days and we tried to get outside most days.  (not to mention, i'm reading 'last child in the woods' and it's burdening me with guilt, shame, and fear over the fact that our kids don't play outside all day, every day because they're going to develop ADHD or cultural autism or nature-deficit disorder.  two of those three things are even made up by the author, so you can see that the book is pretty convincing.)

speaking of reading, now that the weather is turning, i'm back into my groove of wanting to read at every opportunity.  i don't know why i do that, but every spring and summer i am ravenous for books.  this week i have finished 'the widow of the south' and worked on 'last child in the woods,' 'reader's digest 1001 hints and tips for your garden,' and 'the hidden art of homemaking.'  i desperately want to get through these so i can grab up some michael pollan and wendell berry from the library - you know, it will be gardening season soon! (not that i'm planning on planting on anything this year other than some early-crop peas, but nothing like gardening season to make me want to overhaul my diet and environmental legislation and our culture's approach to food while i'm at it.  nbd.)

and speaking of books, i got the following stash in the mail from a friend this week and am DYING to get into all of these (i already started the green one and have looked through 'the art of instruction'; i have read 'little heathens' every spring for the last three years, so i bet i'll be starting that one soon as well.)

  okay, what else this week?

i finally got my first prenatal appointment scheduled for next week in waterloo.  i have no idea what to expect as far as the reputation of the midwives or condition of the hospital, etc, which is actually really unnerving.  so i'm glad, if only for that reason, to finally get a chance to find out what i'm in for.

maybe you can't see it here, but the front of my shirt is smeared with guacamole.  #classitup

yesterday a friend watched the big kids for me so that finneas and i could go to waterloo and look at houses.  as much as i hate to admit it (because i like to think of myself as highly judgmental of waterloo), it was promising.  there's a house finneas is pretty excited about.  he may or may not have woken up this morning thinking about the perfect place to put a skylight and how the house would look if the carpet was replaced with hardwoods.

womanly arts update: nails left unbitten, pants donned most days, and i purchased three new pairs of shoes and a new purse so that i can work on my goal of no longer looking like a homeless fareway bagboy.

today's agenda includes bawling like a baby when my friend alyssa moves away, and cleaning out my flower beds.

happy friday!


todd said...

you may have hit the jackpot in finding the waterloot!

we'll see.

patent pending.

The Crislers said...

1. I love "Little Heathens." 2. I love "Widow of the South." 3. I've been dying to read "Last Child in the Woods," particularly since my mom emailed me this article: (items #1 and #2)

Conclusion: You have great taste in books.

whenjeskasparks said...

@todd: waterloot. booooooooooo.

todd said...