let's do it, a-break it down!

(yo gabba gabba, anyone?!)

so.  i totally failed at posting a video yesterday, even though y'all came through for me and sent me some great ones!  but it was a weird day, and i didn't even get a chance to check my email until 11:00 last night, so forgive me.  i'll do better next week.

what could have possibly occupied all my time yesterday?  well, thanks for asking (you're so kind and inquisitive!).  i'll go right ahead and describe it to you in list-form:

number of hours spent in the car: 4.5

number of terrible radio stations on the way: 1,000,000.

number of doctor appointments scheduled: 1

number of offices visited in an attempt to find the right one: 4

number of offices in which i cried at the reception desk: 1

number of offices in which i spent nearly 2 hours of my life: 1

number of insurance providers that claim to cover me: 0

number of full-caf, tons-of-creamer coffees used to self-medicate: 2

number of hours spent napping in someone else's bed: 1!

number of People Magazine cover-story exposes read in their entirety: 2

number of husbands with the flu: 1

number of hours spent cleaning the house in anticipation of today's appraisal: 2.5

number of clean, ready-to-be-folded loads of laundry staring me in the face as i type this: a guesstimated 7

i should probably go eat some cereal and watch friends and avoid folding laundry at all costs. (much of the laundry is from easter sunday, which shows you i'm getting pretty proficient at procrastination and avoidance).  just another day in the life of paige van voorst.


whenjeskasparks said...

i love that i can hear your title in his actual voice. here's a hug 'cause you're doing a great job even when you might not think so.

todd said...