the 'spicy curry' award goes to finneas.

well, it wasn't curry, specifically.  but it was spicy.

on saturday, we took a long and pointless trip to waterloo to look at houses.  major flop and we are still homeless come june 26.  but the silver lining of all of that is that we got to experience famous dave's barbecue for the first time. (it was six pm when we finished looking at houses, and the kids hadn't had much of a nap that day, and we were all on the brink of cagefighting each other, so we figured we should find food before coming home.)  and the silver lining of that is that i can now say with confidence that finneas could probably eat molten lava without blinking an eye.

that kid downed baked beans and brisket that were definitely not mild.  i was sweating as i ate it.  and to top it all off, he kept pilfering pickles off my plate, which doesn't sound like a big deal, but maybe i should clarify that they were listed on the menu as "hellfire pickles."  didn't even flinch, just stuffed them into his mouth with his tiny little fist.

i have not yet seen it come out the other end, and i am very afraid.

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todd said...

finneas is a moarvel of modern science