on fridays, we go out to eat and frequently get some kind of treat for the kids.  last friday, we took the kids to hardee's, which atticus was SUPER enthusiastic about ('this is a good restaurant! this is a REALLY good restaurant!') then we took them to the local dairy/produce outlet and got them ice cream.  this was their response:

on saturday, we went 'amishing' with some friends, which i'll write a whole post on later.  but i'll just say now that it was awesome.

at an amish farm, where we just kind of made ourselves at home.

sunday, todd mowed the lawn again, which means he dug out his headphones again, which means this happened again:

monday, our air conditioner crapped out (like how i b&w'd this photo for dramatic flair?) so we got to call in the experts and have them fix it.  excellent.

also on monday, i thought i had gone into labor.  i had not.  i came home from the midwives' office super tired and sad, and atticus crawled up on the couch with me, snuggled, hugged me, and kept telling me he loves me.  he was so sweet.

in other preggo news, i hit the big 4-0.  

(if you look closely, you can get a sneak-peek at some of the progress in our entryway.  that bright white trim and that hot mama rug?  they make me want to pass out, if i'm being honest with you.  once i get some color on the walls and a few other projects done in there, i'll show some before-and-afters.)

penelope discovered the bliss that is operating a kitchenaid:

and lastly, the kids got to eat some lollipops that i bought a REALLY long time ago (as in, i-only-had-two-kids-then, long time ago) and hadn't gotten around to giving them yet.  yuck, but whatever.  they liked them.  finn got a dumdum.

and this basically sums up where we ended up after sucker night:

the end.  happy weekend!

in case you missed it, this week's blog posts included one in which i sound like i'm trying to sell you a hooker at the end, and also one in which i 'microsoft paint'ed mark zuckerberg's head onto a female chinese basketball player's body.


todd said...

you look picture perfect at 40 weeks.

40 weaks?

yeah, i'll take two cards.

lauren said...

I love that I got to see you this week. happy anniversary!