i'm trying to come up with a name for that phenomenon in which you happen across the facebook page of someone you went to high school with and they now look like...a grown up.  like, that guy who used to be some big shot who now just looks like a middle school basketball coach or someone you'd buy insurance from.  or that crazy drama kid who is now, and looks like, a banker.  or that nerdy kid who grew up to, well, look exactly like you thought he would and now he does taxes, so you're kind of surprised at how well you could see that one coming.

and what about when they not only start looking like adults, but they also start going by grown-up names?  like, instead of 'richy' they're 'rick' now.  or instead of 'terry' they're 'terrance.'  or instead of whatever douchey high school nickname they had (usually involving their first initial and then some kind of misspelled noun or adjective), they're now going by something normal, like darren.

is that scenario weirder than when you stumble across someone's facebook and they're still the same person, with the same nickname, doing the same stuff they did in high school?

i can't decide which is more strange.  your thoughts?


todd said...

Paige, some of those people took too seriously your yearbook pep talk to “never change.”

Lisagrace Alsbury said...

this is going to sound horrible, but the scariest thing to me is when people i knew ten years ago are now twice the size. i barely recognize them. i knew this stems from my own fear of seriously ballooning in weight, and i'm not saying you always have control, but seriously, fat just seems to sneak up on the most unsuspecting people. and it scares me.

whenjeskasparks said...

@LG -- i'm with you. "fat just seems to sneak up on the most unsuspecting people." i'm so nervous i'll end up being one of those people! ahhhh!

The Crislers said...

On the flip side of ending up twice your high school size, at my high school reunion I had a couple people who told me that I look "Oh my gosh exactly the same!" I didn't know whether I was receiving a compliment or not. I mean, I made some pretty questionable fashion/hair/etc choices in high school, and hopefully I don't constantly look pissed off anymore. Now I'm afraid I'll end up to be that middle-aged woman still wearing juniors clothing with the same dated haircut she had in high school.