let's play a drinking game - drink a sprite for every time i say 'text' and see how long you can go before your bladder explodes.

okay, i have a bone to pick with you guys.

before i got texting (which was only within the last couple of months), i had no idea there was texting etiquette (textiquette?) that i would have to learn to navigate.  and you people never told me.

my biggest question is: who gets the last word?  like, if someone texts you some kind of factual information, do you have to respond?

if you're texting back and forth but you run out of junk to say, or you have to go change a diaper, can you just...not respond?  is that okay, or rude?

why do people insist on texting things like 'ok' and other totally pointless crap?  if i texted a brief informative message to your specific phone number, i probably just assumed you got it.  then my phone dings and gives me that heart attack that only introverts get when unexpected communication crops up.

how long is too long to wait before responding to a text?  minutes?  hours?  days?  sometimes, i can't find my phone, so i can't respond right away.  other times, previously-mentioned introversion kills my motivation to even see what the text says, much less respond.  other times i'm driving or holding a conversation with a real-life, flesh-and-blood human being; in either case, i refuse to check and/or respond to texts.  but how long do i have before i look like a d-bag for not responding?

does it cost extra for me to receive group texts from people with smart phones?  this is probably a question for my u.s. cellular guy, but maybe you know.  and if i respond to a group text, how do i know it's getting sent to just the original sender or the whole group?

is it okay to send texts that you know have spelling errors but are too lazy to want to correct?

i'm sure i have more questions, considering i'm basically a toddler in the world of texting.  but i feel that this will suffice for now.  and you must respond - you owe me big for not giving me a heads-up about all of this.


todd said...


who dis?

The Crislers said...

I know a few people who genuinely believe that not answering every single text they receive is downright rude, but this, my friend, is how you get stuck in an infinite texting loop. Someone has to send the last text, right?

todd said...

@ The Crislers

or do they?


(don't answer that - if you can/can't)

whenjeskasparks said...

i'm not sure the "last word" exists in texts, you know? typically they're for shorter conversations but even when used in long ones no one ever says "bye" over text. you just don't get a reply and that's the end of it. i can't really think of anyone that gets all crabby when someone stops texting because normally there is a socially acceptable lull that both parties can pick up on. occasionally there are times where you have to switch gears into reality mid-conversation but realistically if you're talking that much and it's that important -- why aren't you calling? and when it happens to me even i'm still more like "oh, clearly they got busy or something" and i assume that you'll get back to me sometime when you can, similar to an ongoing email conversation.
everyone should know by now that not everyone is affixed to their phones/computers/technology and there is no social responsibility to continue a conversation when something (such as life or even boredom) arises.
texting is perfect for ducking out of conversations you don't want to have because no sensible person would fault you for it.

if you run out of junk or get busy, you never have to respond but can if you so desire. no harm either way.

as for the rest: it drives me nuts when people just text "ok" not only because i like to spell the word out entirely to "okay" but also because i assume, like you, that the recipient did receive that information. only exception is my mom who likes clarity/confirmation.

as far as responding to texts that depends on the text itself and personal preference. if i get a "what's up?" or a "what are you doing" or the often annoying "hey", i'll gauge whether or not i'm interested in starting a conversation with the person based on who they are and what i'm doing. for instance, i love you and always would answer your texts whenever possible. but for other randoms i might be less inclined due to introversion or i just don't care.
if it's something more like "hey, question for you" or something that can result in a quick response that won't lead into conversation, then i think immediate response (whatever that looks like for you in your life context since diapering a child might take only a few seconds but having a nice dinner with someone could take an hour) is possible.
people should just assume you're busy and because you are a nice person, you clearly have something going on that is inhibiting your replies even if it just is personal choice. everyone should respect that.

as far as group texts it should be the same price and it depends on the whole group v. original texter reply. sometimes on my phone i get a reply from someone i don't know which is obnoxious. sometimes i don't. when in doubt, i just create a new text for that person. unless i'm actively involved in a conversation that is relevant to all in the group text and i know everyone, i'll go that route. otherwise it's like being in a facebook group message. no one likes it.

and last but not least, no corrections are needed by people who know you're smart. it's not worth the extra text to correct something small if it is clear what your original word was. sometimes on my iphone, auto-correct takes over and changes the word into something that isn't easily identifiable by context. then it's usually helpful to clarify by sending a spelling-corrective text.

and this concludes "texting and you: welcome to the future" by prof. jestie.

todd said...

@ the jersk

that was exhaustive and exhausting all at the same time.


i think i'll just use my pager.