taking out the trash.

there are a lot of things about our new house and community that i'm loving - and am honestly surprised that i'm loving.  for instance, i'm kind of loving our tinier house and how much 'home-ier' it is already than our last house was.  totally surprised by that.  however, there are a couple things i'm having to force myself to get used to and am definitely not loving.

today, i would like to gripe about the trash service here.

in story city, the trash guys would come in the morning, drive up the street one time emptying all trash cans along the way, and be done with it.  

here, they drive up the street one time, examining all the trash cans on one side and putting stickers on ones that are too full.  then they drive back down the street in the other direction, stickering the cans on that side.  then later, they drive by again, emptying out the cans on one side of the street.  then later, they drive by yet again, emptying the cans on the opposite side.  it is seriously an all-day affair and the most inefficient thing i have ever watched.  and i have watched preschoolers put together entire puzzles by pure trial and error.

today, the trash guys drove by on their first 'sticker' lap, and moved our can across the street to the middle of the neighbor's yard.  no idea why.  so i went over brought it back.  then i left to go to hobby lobby.  by the time i got back, our trash had been emptied, but then our can had been dumped over on its side onto the middle of our driveway for some unknown reason.  i suspect they were T.O.'d that i had reclaimed my garbage from the neighbor's yard and did it on purpose, but i'm also a bit of a conspiracy theorist. 

it makes no sense whatsoever.  i seriously hate the trash service here.  i know it's a dumb thing to hate, but it speaks to the very heart of inefficiency, and i, for one, hate dysfunction on that level.  also, i feel like i should probably complain more about stuff because i'm generally lacking in that area of my life.

and just so you don't think that all i am is a dirtbag who only complains about petty, stupid stuff, you should head over to the candeo launch blog and read my contributing post we shouldn't be complaining about petty, stupid stuff.


YAYA said...

On the bright side... with as much as the kids love watching the "trash truck," this new routine can provide all day entertainment. Don't squash their bug.

todd said...

and i have watched preschoolers put together entire puzzles by pure trial and error.

that is such a good line for so many reasons that made me laugh the really deep laugh that shakes your whole trunk. remember when your "core" was called your "trunk"? i liked gym class.

todd said...

also, your Jersey Shore reference "(I would argue it might actually need one less, but maybe I’m alone in that.)" on the Candeo blog dropped me.