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a while ago, i posted a confession regarding my not-so-secret love for ke$ha's music.  (actually, in searching for that post in my archives, i realized i write about ke$ha a lot.  i guess that just reiterates my point.)  in response, my friend amanda told me that ke$ha made her own not-so-secret confession that she drank her own urine because someone told her it was good for her.

i have been noodling on this lately, and it makes me wonder: when was the last time ke$ha did something - anything - based solely on the principle that it was good for her?  like, if someone was all, 'ke$ha, maybe you should drink a glass of milk.  it's good for you,' what would she do?  would she drink the milk?  because she doesn't really strike me as a milk-drinker, but maybe she would be if someone would just speak up about the health benefits of it.

and if so, then i wonder if the very reason that ke$ha is how she is (and are who she are) boils down to terrible health education?  like, no one has ever mentioned that she should maybe consume more plant foods and less urine and alcohol per day?  and in that case, how can you not feel bad for her?  she is the victim of a flawed education system.

if she is not the recipient of a very poor health education, she probs just felt like drinking her own urine, health considerations aside.  and if i know ke$ha (and i think i do) i kind of feel like maybe that is actually what was happening.  she just felt like it.  and that's a pretty bold move.

quandary solved?


whenjeskasparks said...

i can't find the article, but apparently ke$ha scored almost perfect on the SATs, has an IQ of like 140 and majored in something like nuclear physics or bio chem "just for fun". i think there's more to her than just glitter and dirty laundry. what if she's actually trying to be awful on purpose to make fun of pop culture but no one actually noticed and in fact we missed the joke. le shrug. even if all that's true, still wouldn't drink my own pee. not happenin'.

omg. what if p.diddy got her into it? MAYBE THAT'S WHY SHE WAKES UP IN THE MORNING FEELING LIKE HIM. whuuuuuuuuut.

paige said...

i'm pretty sure she's all glitter and dirty laundry and pee drinking.

todd said...

ke$ha is a future crunchy mom fo sho.

whenjeskasparks said...

well when i said "more to her than glitter and dirty laundry" i clearly meant that more was pee drinking.
....i really hope that when she brushed her teeth with a bottle of jack it wasn't jack's pee..