this week we mainly just focused on continuing to settle into the house.

my sister came to stay the weekend, which was awesome because, a) i love seeing her, b) the kids love seeing her, and c) she's a machine when it comes to getting stuff done.  she helped us
- paint the living room, 
- hang new light fixtures,
- cut our box spring apart so it would fit up the stairs (and then helped todd carry it up the stairs while i sat on the couch like a very pregnant lump),
- scotchgard my dining room rug,
- and even watched the kids so todd and i could go on a date.  it's like she's made of magic.  the kids will vouch for it.

in addition to all she helped me with, todd also finished putting the bunk beds together (we had been waiting on a replacement part), helped me pick out (and installed) the pulls for the kitchen drawers, set up the guest bed in the basement, and assembled my china hutch and cut a new beadboard back for it.  all in a single weekend!  it was madness.

other than church in the park this weekend and our regular weekly commitments (including todd's last softball game of the season), we tried to lay low this week.

the kids got popsicles as a special treat.

and then to offset my resulting 'indulgent mom' status, i started giving them the daily chore of vacuuming the rug under the dining room table.  it's still novel for them, so it's going well now, but i'm guessing in a week or two they'll start seeing it as an actual 'chore.'  and i hope to add more to their list soon.

and lastly, here's what i look like at 38 weeks pregnant.

and here's what i look like right after todd tried to take a picture of my 38-weeks-pregnant backside.  totally glam.

and that's it.  in case you missed anything else this week,

here's a post with an all-of-us-smiling family photo.  history in the making, people.
here's one in which i give you non-expert and non-exhaustive advice on how to spray paint your kitchen cabinets.
here's an opportunity to win a car.

flower power.


todd said...

your 38 week photo is beautiful.
pretty house.
pretty wife.
things are pretty good.
sittin pretty.
pretty pretty princess.


lauren said...

I love they are vacuuming!