oops, i did it again.

aah, that song brings memories of the original ke$ha.

anyway.  i thought i was in labor again on monday night.  so guess what i did? i called my mom and sister to come because 'THIS IS IT!'  and come they did.  and then go home the next day they did, after nothing ended up happening (besides me crying and kicking some stuff).

BUT.  i went to see my midwife, who discovered the baby is face-up instead of in the normal face-down position.  not to get too science-talk on you, but apparently her weird positioning is putting uneven pressure on my cervix (yikes.  why can i not even type that without getting the creeps?), which causes my body to start and stop labor.  so there really is a valid, scientific reason for my cluelessness!  which is more reassuring than it should be, really.  i just like to know that i'm not being an idiot for no reason.

so, i have a chiro appointment scheduled for this morning to hopefully get her to flip around.  (i SWEAR by chiropractors for stuff like this. my awesome doctor in ames got penelope out of the breech position - twice - and also did a specific adjustment to send me into labor; she was born within 24 hours, and the only one of my kids to be born before her due date.  take-away point: find an awesome chiropractor and rely on them to fix anything that goes wrong in your life.)

really, though, this is getting ridiculous.  i am worried that i won't be convinced that it's labor when it IS actually labor, and i'll end up waiting too long to go to the hospital, so then i'll have some crazy homebirth and i'll get my pretty new rug all nasty and then have to bite the umbilical cord free by myself.  that will be super gross and sad, and all because my crazy cervix is sending drunk texts to the rest of me. 

but i guess it's like i always say, all i can do is cross my fingers that i won't have to chew through my baby's umbilical cord when that time actually comes.


whenjeskasparks said...

favorite line: "and all because my crazy cervix is sending drunk texts to the rest of me."

yes. go home cervix, you're drunk.

todd said...

The uterus never gets very good cell phone cervix.
“Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week,” said Schaeffer.
I only get 2 bars down here.
(which explains why she’s drunk)
All of this and an “I do” to boot,eh?
Not a bad deal you got yourself into 6 years ago.

Alyssa Neiers said...

If the above happens and you blog about it I will be forced to quit reading. Forced! I just can't handle the image of you gnawing through the umbilical cord.
So please make it to the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she needs glasses so she can properly read her autocorrected texts to your cervix. The lighting is pretty poor in there, I hear.

todd said...

nice realife, nice.

me likes.

Meagan said...

Hey, this happens. I walked around start stoppin for weeks, finally bullied my way into the hospital. Labor stopped at 10 cm, but then water broke and there was a tornado of scrubs and he was there.

So go. Every ding dong time. Call people, panic, go, and research ways to keep contractions going so you are ready and can keep em going through the test thing when they decide whether or not to keep you. Cuz the rug is gorg and your kids are too cute to have those brain-scars.