here's where i'm at with all this.

so, i was due twelve days ago.  and unless something has drastically changed in the interim between my writing of this post and your reading of it, i still have no new baby in arms.  (that sounds like the baby is wielding some kind of weaponry.  i'm cool with that.)

i've had a lot of questions from everyone about how i'm feeling, which is really sweet.  but the truth is, i'm actually doing really well.  now that a lot of that false labor has stopped (the baby has moved to the correct position and is no longer prank calling my uterus) i'm actually feeling pretty good.  

every day there is something that i'm really glad that i got to go to/participate in that i wouldn't have been able to if in the hospital or at home with a newborn.  i got the kitchen ceiling painted yesterday.  there have been leaders' meetings and prayer/worship nights and connection group gatherings with candeo that i feel really, really blessed to have gotten to attend.  and also, i'm really enjoying sleeping through the night still and not having to nurse yet.  (am i the only one on the planet that doesn't love nursing?)

i had an appointment with my chiropractor again on monday, and an appointment with my midwife on tuesday.  like i said, the baby is in the correct position now, and they did a nonstress test to make sure she's still happy and healthy hanging out in there, so i'm not worried about the fact that i'm still pregnant.  the only thing that's remotely difficult at this point is not knowing what each day will hold (and also getting up off the couch.)  i'm just waiting it out now.

just thought i'd give an update!


todd said...

oh what a difference a day can make, eh?

Amanda Cushman said...

Every day I log in I can't help but wonder if there will be a post about a new baby. I'm glad to hear you are feeling well though! You are a champ...painting the ceiling while overdue? Wowza!

whenjeskasparks said...

not that three days is the same as twelve, but my sister is also overdue. they checked in with her to see how baby is doing and it's doing just fine...placenta and fluid is all good so maybe they just got the dates all confused? my sister was originally kinda worried but now she's feeling good like you. everything with the baby is fine and even though she is already on her maternity leave from work (whomp) she gets to spend some extra quality time with her family and resting before baby comes.

anyway. i'm glad that you are feeling better. i've been praying for peace and patience and hoping that you haven't been going insane waiting. 'cause i can't even really wait for pizza rolls to barely un-freeze in the microwave so only God knows how i'm going to handle pregnancy...

but yes. i love being able to continue learning from your life. it's always a joy.

Danielle said...

Todd's comment makes so much more sense now. You were in labor at the time!!!

Danielle said...

Heeeeey!!!! I can comment again!!