so, how's schaeffer cooking?

i've noticed that this pregnancy goes relatively unmentioned on the blog (as opposed to my pregnancy with, say, atticus, during which i chronicled my every. single. development and thought and whathaveyou).  so now that i'm just a little over two weeks away from my due date, i figured it might be time to mention how stuff is going.

girlfriend is pretty active when i find myself resting, although i've been moving around so much getting the house unpacked that i frequently don't consciously feel her until later in the evening.

i'm growing slowly, and tracking about two weeks behind 'normal,' but i'm not super worried.  all my babies have come right around or shortly after their due date, so i'm thinking i'll probably have closer to three weeks before we get to meet this chica.  it's hard switching doctors this time around, because i know what's normal for me, but they don't, so slow weight gain and slightly-off measurements are concerning to them.  but whatever.  (i'm just dreading finding a new pediatrician, who doesn't know our family well enough to know that our babies have all tracked in the first percentile for growth until after their first birthday...ugh.  that's some drama.)

my latest cravings have been for, and i quote, 'shellfish in some kind of butter and wine sauce.'  oh yes.  baby schaeffer is already quite the foodie.  no cherry-lime slushies or hot dogs for this little lady.  (although, i could go for a frozen coke right about now.)

i have had the. worst. back pain. of my entire life.  the other day, i tried to get off the couch, and my back seized up so badly that it not only effectively paralyzed me, but i was also quite confident that i was going to pee myself and not be able to stop it.  luckily that didn't happen, as i was on our (admittedly already disgusting) couch and, experienced though i am in the field of urine clean-up, i wasn't sure how to ever get adult amounts of pee out of it.  but seriously, though, this back thing is getting out of control.

i still haven't preregistered or toured the hospital yet.  i don't even know exactly where i'm supposed to go on the hospital 'campus.'  i should probably find the time to figure that out.  i'm actually really under-prepared for this birth: i have no idea if i want an epidural or not, and i have no idea who will take our kids while we're at the hospital and my parents are on their way up.  the midwife gave me a birth plan sheet to fill out, with questions like, 'will you want us to dim the lights?  do you want any special music played?' and i'm like, 'are you joking?! how am i supposed to know that?! if i want you to dim the lights when i'm in labor, i'll just be all, 'dim the lights now, please.'  (or something jerkier if i'm really far gone.)'

that's all i can think of right now.

okay, here's where you come in:  first, give me your best guess for arrival date and birth weight.  i'll just say that these were the other kids' stats:

atticus: 5 days past due, 8 lb 10 oz
penelope: 1 day early, 7 lb 10 oz
finneas: 3 days past due, 8 lb 6 oz

second, tell me how old she will be when she gets her first pair of glasses.

winner gets a car.


todd said...

i'm gonna say this gal is punctual, but respectful of our wedding anniversary. so instead of arriving on Aug. 17, she will lay aside her punctuality for the sake of civility and arrive on Aug. 18 at a weight of 7 lbs 8 oz.

she will wait until she's 18 months to get glasses to allow us time to better get settled into the Valley.

she's so considerate already!

YAYA said...

2 days late on Aug 19

8 lbs 2 oz

This little one will not need glasses post partum. Either her eyes will not be in need of correction, or the glasses will come pre-installed.

todd said...

i half expected and thought I may caught a glimpse of glasses at our ultrasound for Schaeffer, so your mom may be on to something.


The Crislers said...

I'm predicting she'll be born on the 17th because according to the internets, that's National Thriftshop Day and she is your daughter, after all. She will weigh 7 lbs 11 oz, and be 15 months when she needs glasses. She will also be perfectly perfect.

Anonymous said...

I am going to say she is born August 20th and will come in at 7 lbs and 9oz. She will get her first pair of specs around the age of 9 months.