our week in 'what's up.'

this week is kind of photo-heavy, so let's just do a list instead of my usual wordy explanations, yes?

saturday: tax-free shopping day, so we went to waterloo to buy clothes for the kids.  then we went out for pizza and todd got them cookies as an after-dinner treat, so this happened:

(this photo isn't blurry, this is just how he looked.)

also, todd mowed the lawn, a chore made infinitely more enjoyable by the discovery of these bad boys:

(the headphones.  the headphones are the bad boys.)

sunday: headed to coralville to attend the service at another 'sister-y' church plant, and then visited my dad and his wife for lunch.  had some new friends over for dinner.  stopped being able to feel my right leg.

monday: watched some friends' kids while they went to connection group.  penelope developed a new dance, to a little diddy she made up about cookies.  the dance was epic, if you can't tell.

tuesday: BIG day.  finneas got these monster feet slippers from a friend, and has since refused to take them off.  he finds them hilarious. i agree.  penelope tried her first BLT.  had an unfounded response, but it's okay because she's cute.  also, i had a meltdown about how we are completely unprepared to bring home a baby, so todd came home with a big box of diapers, a box of giant postpartum-caliber pads, and our very first not-a-hand-me-down carseat!  lastly, atticus accomplished his first entirely-solo puzzle completion.

(also, finn found where we keep the mountain dew.)


wednesday: scrambled eggs for dinner.  i think that sums it up.

thursday: went to the chiropractor.  can feel my leg again.  also went grocery shopping. (have i mentioned i've started cooking real meals again? with a menu plan? and on a gas stove?!  lap of luxury here, people.)

which brings us to today.

i suppose i can also say that, in pregnancy news, i am 39 weeks along and my belly is comically large.

(not sure what's up with the 'knocked-up-miss-america' arm i have going on here, other than i do know i was trying to camouflage my pretty serious 'knocked-up-peter-griffin' arm.)

(the first time i saw this photo, i thought that baby doll down in the corner was finneas.  totally creepy.)

and just because it's cute:

happy friday, y'all.


todd said...

i love photo-blitzs of our weeks.

i love the picture of you cooking in the background with penelope and finneas playing with letters on the fridge. you look so skinny. you look like a stick with a balloon on its belly.

"there she is... ms. america!"

we should find a way for that to be your ringtone. how funny would that be while in the diaper aisle at Target with 4 kids in tow strewn all over the cart when judgmental bystander guy hears your phone reassuring you with those words, "there she is... ms. amercia." or, in your case, Mrs. America. otherwise judgmental bystander guy would perhaps have a legitimate point of sorts.


Jenni and Dan said...

where did you get that rug in the picture of finn in the monster feet with the mountain dew?

YAYA said...

Finn seems so grown up! He is turning into a kid so fast!

YAYA said...

For Todd

whenjeskasparks said...

i love your family. i love your house. i love your babies. i love how good you are at being a mom and a wife. i love how good todd is at being a dad and a husband. i love how good your babies are at being amazing and adorable and wonderful. i just love everything and anything that you are and do. so much.

paige said...

@jenni, we got it at lowe's on clearance a couple years ago. it's an indoor/outdoor rug, so you might be able to find a great end-of-season deal right now if you're in the market for a similar rug!

lauren said...

I keep going back up to penelope's dance, hoping that it has magically turned into a video.

my robot code is "the says" which ironically is my new girl punk band name.

Amanda Cushman said...

I second what Jeska said! You rock.