i like to call it 'laura lotion,' even though that sounds kind of weird.

today i would like to do a product endorsement, because it seems that's what professional bloggers spend an ample amount of time doing, and i'm in it to win it.  although, i'm not being paid for this or any other blogging i do, so it's kind of different in that regard.  also, the person who makes and sells this product has no idea i'm endorsing it.  maybe she wouldn't endorse me endorsing it.  but whatever, i don't even care.  you guys HAVE to know that i have found the. most. amazing. lotion on the planet.

i can hear you being all, 'who cares?'  and i'm all, 'reality slap!  YOU SHOULD.'

this stuff is magical.  when i first heard about it, it was when a bunch of friends were freaking.out. about how awesome it is, so i just had to ask laura (who makes it) what's in it - the urine of a thousand virgins?  unicorn tears?  and she was all, 'no, just some natural oils and beeswax and also some leprechaun kneecaps.'  so it sounds like it's not entirely humanely sourced, but i'm willing to sacrifice the mobility of a few leprechauns for the cause.

still don't believe that this lotion is earth-shattering?  let me stroke your face with my baby-soft hand.  you'll feel like you're being given a thousand tiny eskimo kisses from a marshmallow peep.  trust me.  it's that soft.

also, holding off on the hyperbolic sales pitch for a sec, it really did cure finneas' horrible head-eczema.  (it was gross.  now it's not.)  i also use it on my face at night and have noticed a HUGE difference in my under-eye bags and overall tone (i look less like an old-lady smoker than i did, which i'm grateful for), so i started putting it on my belly too, just in case it can prevent stretchmarks.  i bet it can - leprechaun kneecaps, people!

anyway.  just thought i'd share the news:  it's awesome.  it's all-natural (five ingredients, all of which you could eat if you wanted, but some of which you maybe wouldn't want to, like beeswax).  it's locally made.  it's sensitive enough for tiny baby skin.  it actually heals skin issues, rather than just masks them.  a $12 jar of it lasts forever.  it's packaged in glass, if that makes a difference to you.  i'm really not seeing a downside, other than that i don't believe laura accepts payment in the form of giant sloppy italian-family-style kisses.  (i really feel like we would all win in that scenario, but apparently you have to be careful these days with who you grab by the face and slobber on.  it really makes me wonder what our country is coming to, but that's a post for another day.)

i would just like to reiterate that i don't get anything for spreading the news.  just thought i'd be a stand-up girl and stop being so hoardy with my insider info.  let me know if you want me to get you hooked up with some sweet softness.  (scratch that wording - it sounds gross.  and maybe illegal.  but you know what i mean.  hopefully.)


todd said...

i already got the hook up.

mommakris38 said...

I need Laura lotion!! Post the deets please! Or FB message me, please!!!