the weekly 'what's up.'

this baby is officially the farthest overdue i've ever gone (atticus was five days late).  and i had suspected that because of all the physical activity involved in moving and hauling and unpacking boxes, she would come earlier than the rest.  shows how much i know.

oh, just taking a walk, trying to jumpstart labor, and the paparazzi were out as thick as flies.  i just want to live a normal life!

atticus ended up climbing his first tree over at paul and jenni's.  i was so shocked to see these photos (originally taken on todd's phone) - atticus is not typically the tree-climbing type.  but he got even higher than this!

the kids and i potted up some garden mums, though i suspect i left them a little too long in the nursery pots beforehand and they're all looking mostly dead at this given moment.  we'll see what happens.

i was about to say that this week was really not much different from any other (you know, grocery shopping, changing diapers, not going into labor), and then i remembered that it started off with our sixth anniversary, which i failed to blog about. whoops. so expect a belated and mushy post sometime next week.

the anniversary day itself was rather uneventful: while i had joked on facebook about braving the state fair in my hugely pregnant and on-my-due-date condition, we really didn't think it was a great idea to venture that far away from home or the hospital (i've heard of home births and hospital births, but i don't really think 'fair births' are a thing. for human people, at least). so instead, we stayed home and i spent two hours pulling our vacuums apart in an attempt to get them working again. yes, i said TWO vacuums - this wool rug is going to be the death of me. and/or my bissel and/or my shopvac.

on sunday, my friend jenni and i spent some time shopping and rearranging furniture and hanging curtains and eating specialty meats and cheeses in an attempt to get the house feeling more homey. what can i say, i guess i'm nesting. (who am i kidding? i've been 'nesting' since we moved in. i think it's less pregnancy-related than it is related to the fact that i'm tired of living in a cornmaze of moving boxes.)

tuesday was the day i didn't go into labor again.

wednesday, finneas barfed on my new rug.

yesterday i had a chiropractic adjustment and am hoping that, as a result, this kid turns around and sees herself to the door.

which brings us to today: still pregnant, still having serious contractions, still drowning all my sorrows in chocolate chip cookies and pinterest.  so, like i said, not really much different than any other week.

happy friday!

*hey, whisper whisper, i have another contributing post on the candeo prayer blog today.  head on over and check it out!


Heather said...

I'm stalking you.

There, I said it. I don't know you and I came upon your blog by total accident and/or God's provision (because I have needed some laughs lately). I have a friend whose last name is Van Voorst, and she keeps a blog. I forgot the link (for the eleventy-ninth time) and was too shame-faced to admit it (again), so I began typing in random possibilities that included Van Voorst.

The really weird thing? (Because tuning in every day to a total stranger's life and talking to your husband about her like you're bff's isn't odd enough...) I think I went to high school with your husband!

Anyway. I hoped you hadn't gone into labor today because I felt like I should quickly "out" myself before you start posting details of your birthing story. There are some creepy people out there, Paige. Trust me. I am apparently one of them.

But, nice ta meetcha. One of my five babies was 10 days overdue. That kid is still always a day late and a dollar short, I am sorry to tell you.

todd said...

no worries, heather.
i stalk my wife too.
i mean, you saw the photos.

my curiosity is piqued. i haven't thought of high school for quite some time.

Jessica said...


I was 10 days late; my brother was 2 weeks late. I am totally a P; my brother is a complete J. Regardless of when the kid comes, there's 50% chance they'll be a P or J.

Or maybe not. I'm not really sure what the true P:J ratio is among the population. :)

todd said...

jessica raised an interesting question, so I looked it up:

Quality Males Females Total
E 45.9% 52.5% 49.3%
I 54.1% 47.5% 50.7%
S 71.7% 74.9% 73.3%
N 28.3% 25.1% 26.7%
T 56.5% 24.5% 40.2%
F 43.5% 75.5% 59.8%
J 52.0% 56.2% 54.1%
P 48.0% 43.8% 45.9%

looks like the J's take it 54.1% over 45.9%

And since Schaeffer is a lass, she has a 56,2% chance of being a J over a 43.8% chance of being a P.

Thanks for the quest Jessica!!!