once you go bacon you'll never go backon.

if you know me at all, you know that i'm basically obsessed with two things: the duggars and little house on the prairie.  this post is inspired by little house on the prairie because the duggars only eat turkey bacon, which offends my third obsession, which is bacon.  (turkey bacon is not bacon.  don't even try to proselytize me.  you will fail.)

okay.  so, like i said, this post is about bacon and little house on the prairie and not the duggars.

in one of the LHOTP books, ma ingalls wraps a turkey or a rabbit or something in salt pork (read: bacon) and gets all kinds of compliments and receives them graciously because she's ma ingalls.  and i have since been super intrigued by what goes into wrapping some kind of roasted animal in bacon.

fast forward to a few years ago (four, maybe?) when i found this recipe for spice rubbed turkey wrapped in prosciutto.  only, this is america people, so i clearly ditched the hoity-toity italian salt pork for the obvious:  the duggars.  whoops, i mean, bacon.  (see? i think about the duggars 24/7.)

AND, OH LAWDY.  turkey wrapped in bacon....turkey. wrapped. in. bacon.  noodle on that for a second.  just say it out loud and really slowly.  i'll wait.

so needless to say, thanskgiving has never been the same since.

i realize i should have posted this before thanksgiving to give you a chance to try it for yourself this year, but i just didn't want to put myself on the hook for judging you if, for whatever god-forsaken reason, you chose not to try it.  so i'll give you the benefit of the doubt, give you a year to fantasize over next year's turkey, and look forward to hearing my praises sung next november for being the angel that delivered this recipe to your doorstep.  and every year after that when you refuse to deviate from this recipe.

so...seriously.  try it.  love it.  pay me royalties every time you make it.

and so help me, if this is the part of the post where you get ready to comment about how you don't like bacon, just know that to do so will warrant an uppercut directly to your jugular.  just try me.

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