'member that time monday.

hey, 'member 'member that time monday?  bringing it back old school today.

hey, 'member that time in college that i decided to get a lip stud, but how the gemstone on it got lodged under my skin when i bit it weird while eating mac and cheese?  and remember how my new roommates' friends, who were total strangers to me, had to drive me to the piercing place and hold my hands while i had it extracted and i bawled like a girl baby?  and remember how the guy had to replace the stud with a giant surgical steel ring because my lip was so swollen?

i looked goood and made an awesome first impression on my roommates' friends.

feel free to post your own 'member that time!  just please link back to if you do!

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Tori said...

Hey there girlfriend! I linked up a member that time! Miss you!