so, like i mentioned last week, we carve/paint pumpkins every year for todd's birthday.  last year was the first year we let the kids paint pumpkins, and they talked about it all year.   they were super excited when the time rolled around to do it again.  (please ignore the terrible lighting.)

even finneas got in on the action this year.





all the kids' finished pumpkins.

after the kids painted their pumpkins, we had a very special birthday dinner prepared for todd:  grilled cheese and spaghetti-o's (-slash-tomato soup for me), and mocha cheesecake for dessert.

photos of grilled cheese are always gross.  photos of grilled cheese after dark under overhead lights are really gross.  however, the creepy jimmy carter face staring out from under all that bread and cheese makes it a little better... maybe.  this is our "you're special" plate that i use for special occasions.  yes, i know it's decorative and not food safe, but it was free at a garage sale and it's funny, which trumps all.

noodling on what to wish for.

a couple of days later, todd and i carved our pumpkins during naptime.
my not-so-secret main reason for wanting to carve pumpkins in the first place.  roasting these bad boys and eating them until i'm nauseous and can't look at another pumpkin seed until next october is my idea of a fantastic time.



todd always gets super creative with his.  i'll have to show you some of his past pumpkins sometime.  the first year we did this, he carved this insanely intricate old man with a tear running down his face.  i don't remember what i carved, but i'm pretty sure it looked like it was done by a handless child.

i'm not super creative with mine.  last year i was pregnant and craving mcdonald's, so i just carved a big M into one side of it and a burger and fries into the other side.  this year, i'm even less original.  i'll have to show you the photos of the one time i tried to carve catherine zeta-jones. 

and the unveiling of todd's:  it's plex from yo gabba gabba, for the kids to enjoy.  he was supposed to have pupils in his eyes, but todd pulled a samson and busted them out accidentally.  so it looks more like wall-e than he was hoping, but i still say A+, todd van voorst!
and there you have it:  a very lengthy post on todd's b-day celebr-antics.  go here to see the one time todd depicted a whole scene from ezekiel on his pumpkin.  i told you - he's crazy good at pumpkin carving.

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