weekly wazzaaaaaap.

this week was totally and completely dead.  not a single photo of anything we were up to.  mostly because we weren't up to anything.  just recovering from the flu (the kids were still sick on monday - that's a five-day flu right there) and trying to get on top of the mounds of resulting laundry and bathroom scum. 

i guess i could tell you that i tried kombucha.  it's not bad in a 'it's kind of bad' kind of way.  i think i'll start making my own.

so here's something instead of an update. 

if you could only use one eating utensil for the rest of your life, what would it be?  would it influence your answer to say that it is also the only utensil you have for cooking and brushing your teeth?  go.


Emily said...

It would be a little tricky for toothbrushing, but as long as I still get toothpaste, I could make it work. Or finger toothbrush. Do I get mouthwash?

paige said...

that's so cheating! no, actually it was well played. yes to the toothpaste, maybe? to the mouthwash.

The Crislers said...

A wooden spoon. I use mine aaaall the time and almost cried when I broke one the other day (you know, because they're so difficult to replace). It would be fine for eating, but as for brushing teeth... I have to admit, it would be tough to cram that thing in my mouth on all sides. I guess that's why they invented toothbrushes, floss, and fingers, right? (Well, *they* didn't invent fingers. God did. Do you think He ever felt the need to patent everything He made the way humans do? That would be a lot of patents.)

paige said...

i say, use the handle of the wooden spoon for your toothbrush. and i agree, wooden spoons are the best. i buy mine at flea markets and antiques dealers (is that gross?) because you can find some made of high quality hardwood that are already all smooth and awesome. and they're only a few bucks. tip of the day.

whenjeskasparks said...

totes toothbrush. who needs utensils when i have forks at the end of my arms?!
also: kombucha is kinda nAAAAsty to make. bret has some brewing upstairs and the "scoby" thinger that you have to... uh.. grow it off of? yeah. looks like you just peeled a giant bedsore off someones back and decided to put it in a broth. oh yeah, and then you leave it in the dark for awhile and it's totes a good idea to drink whatever happens to result. sickk.
i prefer store-bought kombucha where i can just think of it less in that form and moreso as a very cheap imitation of strawberry wine.
also, true story: the night tevah was born, i was drinking said strawberry kombucha and somehow when i tilted the bottle down after a gulp, it backsplashed. INTO MY EYE. out of all the places to go.. it went in my eye. stung so bad. and i also smelled like i'd been hittin' the sauce so i was getting some dirty looks from the nurses. but whatevs.
just thought you should know that.


oh, and you called and i forgot to call you back. i'll do that... monday? maybe? i wanted to finalize some more details about thursday and stuffs.