relating to paige van voorst at the eye doctor.

so, don't you hate it when you have an eye doctor appointment right after eating at buffalo wild wings and then you stick your face in all those machines and your breath comes back at you all spicy hot and gross?  well, i do. 

and also, does it make you super self-conscious when the doctor is all up in your grill looking at your eyes and you just know you're breathing your chipotle breath right into his mouth?  it does me.

and also, isn't it the worst when you have to walk out of there with your glasses stapled-slash-sautered together in the middle and no hope of getting a new pair for two months, so instead of wearing them you have to hide them in your van and try your best not to act blind/drunk when you meet your new quilting group later that night?  it really is.

glad to know i'm not alone in feeling this way.


Emily said...

Oh, man! Two months?

Quilting group? In your town? How was it? Come with me to the next Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild! Bring a baby! :)

You might get a little traffic from my blog today. I blogged about my favorite bloggers and might have mentioned that you and Todd are really cool people. Well, except for the Chipotle breath. But they can't smell that on the Internet.

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