weekly blahblahblah.

i'm just going to make this short and sweet.  what were we up to this week?  some random stuff and then getting the flu.  five van voorsts down within twelve hours of each other.  it made for a very messy, stinky, grouchy, miserable day yesterday.

although, i'm extremely grateful for my amazing sister, who came over to help me even though she was feeling under the weather herself.  she even watched my daughter projectile-spray puke all over the cabinets and didn't even blink an eye.  (see? right there i bet you cringed, but she actually watched it, put penelope in the tub, and then tried to insist that i not clean it up but rather leave it for her to do.  that is servanthood - dealing with someone else's pukey kid and also their puke.)  (also, i did not let her clean it up.  before you go thinking i was that cruel to my baby sister i would like to state that i cleaned it up myself.)

bleh.  hoping today goes better, although i'm a natural-born pessimist and i'm pretty sure we have typhoid fever and are on the brink of death.  i apologize if i die of this and you end up being the one who has to clean out my basement.

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