oh, penelope.  she is so crazy and funny and full of personality.  she has her own signature dance moves.  she sings 'building a clubhouse with my friends' nonstop.  she wrinkles her nose and uses funny voices and makes funny faces.  she is shrill and really loud.  no, i mean like, really. loud.

i sit her on the potty before naptime and tell her to put her poop in the potty and she always answers with, 'and pee and toots?'

i tell her not to poop in her panties, and she responds by saying, 'okay, i will just put my toots in my panties.'

her favorite meal to order at restaurants is crackeroni and cheese.

if you tell her she's a big girl, she responds, 'i'm big and little.'

her best friend is named chloe and is imaginary.  they like to read the bible together and share.

when overhearing todd call atticus a 'handsome dan,' she asserted that she is a 'pretty dan.'

when she's eating breakfast, she also asks what's for lunch and dinner.  she likes to have her day's meals planned out ahead of time.

when asked if she is mommy's (or grandma's or daddy's) friend, she says, 'no, i'm just atticus' friend.'  she's very loyal to her brother.  the other day they walked laps around the house, holding hands.  when asked what they were doing, they responded they were being friends and talking about the bible.  when offered any kind of treat, she always makes sure atticus is also getting some before she accepts any herself.

she takes tiny, tiny bites of foods she loves, presumably to make them last longer.  she'll take ten minutes to eat a chocolate chip.

she loves finneas and will say in a really shrill voice, 'finn is a good baby?????'

she asserts that not only are they her favorite colors, but she is 'pink and purple.'

she refuses to stay clothed.  she refuses to leave her baby dolls clothed.  if she can get out of her diaper overnight, she does.

when carrying toys upstairs, she often tells todd, 'you carry it.  it's too big and i'm too little.'

she loves to pretend to skateboard, and wants to be a mommy and drive a skidsteer when she grows up.

she checks in on atticus' imaginary friends, fick and fack, by asking how (and where) they are.

she is a mystery to me.  she is so full of life and personality already.  she is just so...penelope.


Lisagrace Alsbury said...

Oh, how I love that girl!

whenjeskasparks said...

i assume then, that finn is "clever dan"? i can't wait to see them all!