thanksgiving twunny twulv.

there are lots of things you should know about me, like how cats freak me out a little because they stand in their own litter, and how if i could be any kind of professional it would probably be a professional organizer.  or, if i had to be an athlete, i'd want to be a pro wrestler because we all know they don't actually do anything but look all ripped.  another thing you should know about me is that i love hosting holiday get-togethers.  mostly because it gives me an excuse to have a bunch of people that i love around and to use my pretty garage-sale dishes and vintage linens.  also, one other thing you should know about me is that i never iron anything.

25-cent real silverware?! don't mind if i do.


i love decorating for holiday meals.  probably the highlight of my life.

also, we had some mormon missionaries come over for dinner.  just like the pilgrims did at the first thanksgiving. 


whenjeskasparks said...

at times it felt as awkward as how i imagine the first thanksgiving felt. you know.. like when i was re-dressing them in street clothes in my mind. appropriate-awkward.

todd said...

it reminded me a little of that scene from "friends" when phoebe is left with the amabassador after his interpretter and monica leave.