finneas at eight months.

player's stats:

weight: 15.6 pounds (first percentile)
height: 27 inches (18th percentile)
signature move: the 'buffalo' bill cody.

wait, how old am i?!  e-i-8-h-t?  that's not even a word.

finneas turned eight months on the sixth, and is totally rocking it..  i've heard other babies have done eight months up right, but he's seriously rocking eight months.  he has seven teeth, first of all.  yes, yes, i realize most teeth come in pairs, but he has somehow either willed one to crop up before its partner, or he has willed one to stay underground after his partner.  either way, that's a pretty major accomplishment for a tiny infant.

he's still slithering around, although he has all-out crawled a couple times.  since we have hardwood floors, i think his knees hurt and he slips around a lot more when he crawls, so he hasn't been super motivated.  however, he is insanely speedy at the dead-leg crawl (where one leg refuses to pull its own weight - you know the move), and loves getting into the toy room or over to the computer cord before anyone can catch him.  (why those two places?  the toy room so he can tick off his big sibs by knocking over their lego towers and chewing on their trucks, and the computer cord so he can tempt fate by chewing on the cord and defying what seems to be inevitable electrocution.)

he's a lot more interested in toys at this point, and gets the short end of the stick a lot of the time when the big kids won't share, or take things from him, or grab him by the leg and drag him out of the room to keep him away from their stuff.  poor, poor finn.

he loves babbling, giving kisses and waving.  he loves growling while standing against the furniture.  he likes playing with grass.  he does not like yogurt.

he is still waking up one to three times through the night to eat, which is tiring.  but i keep telling myself that since he's so small (he's still in 3-6 month clothing), he can use the extra feedings, and maybe he's little because he has a really high metabolism.  who knows?  in any case, it may help me reach my goal of finally being able to nurse for a full year with one of my kids, so i'm letting it slide for now.  plus, i just can't bring myself to let him cry it out like i did with the other two.  i'm turning into a big softie in my old age.

he eats every four hours or so during the day, and frequently eats dinner with us.  we're doing baby-led weaning, so it just depends on what we're eating.  soups have been a great way to get some simple, soft whole foods into him.

also, he loves reading.  or, as todd calls it, r-eating, since he basically just chews on the books at this point.  maybe he'll learn true phonetics by nine months.


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, up until I got pregnant this time, Ella was still getting up between 1 to 3 times at night and was a chunk (she still is). She had mastered sleeping through the night and then decided it sleeping all night long was for wimps and her mama ain't no wimp!

And I agree, the third child gets a softy mom:-)

Amanda Cushman said...

He is SO cute!!!

paige said...

karlee, i'm always glad to hear i'm not the only one still getting up in the night with a baby who's clearly capable of sleeping through. (and it's also nice to know i'm not alone in getting less militant as the number of kids grows.)

amanda, thanks! we like to think so. :)