my jestie.

one thing i didn't mention yesterday was that i got to see my bestie jeska over thanksgiving.  (and since we've been best friends since high school, i'm going to talk like a high schooler for the heck of it: it was the sexx seeing her.)

she is getting married this summer.  she knows more lines to more movies than anyone ever in the history of time.  she once bought me a kenny rogers eight-track tape.  she respects my deep, unending love for abraham lincoln.  she used to love batman.  i can never hear five iron frenzy without thinking of her.

we started hanging out senior year, when we terrorized our art teacher, crafted a magnum PI-lookalike sculpture for some anatomy project (which i half suspect didn't meet the guidelines for whatever the project was supposed to look like), subsequently dropped out of anatomy together, and helped each other through 'catastrophic' breakups with jokers.  we ate a lot of fries, stayed up way too late, and quoted homestar runner nonstop.

hey, anyone remember film cameras?!  this photo had to be scanned in, that's how old we are.

she was in my wedding...

(um, is it weird for me to point out that i was totally ripped?)
she eventually got tired of wearing her false eyelashes on her eyes, so...

then we lived in the same apartment building after i got married, so when todd worked overnights we watched tv in our jammies and basically had grown-up slumber parties. 

we once both wore the same pair of pants, which you totally can't see in this picture, but i swear i was in one pantleg and she was in the other:

this happened, which is hard to explain and/or justify:

notice we both have lip rings.  her mom bawled when we came home after jes got her lip pierced.  i bawled after i got mine stuck in my lip.  bad idea all around.

we had a ton of fun this weekend getting to hang out.  i only get to see her once or twice a year, so it's always so refreshing.  and then we start to act retarded.

recreating our graduation picture.
and...honestly...who knows what's happening here.

so there you have it.  an introduction to my jeska.


todd said...

the jersk. the jersk. the jersk.

whenjeskasparks said...

WHAT. i commented on this like two days ago. frick. let me try and recreate it:
"yes yes! my theme song! but there is something really great about being owned by someone so wonderful. i like being yours and i like being josh's. i think paul said something about it in philemon. maybe not. i shall be your bestie chestie (notsomuch) jestie and you shall be .... uh.. my bff paige. haha. i can't think of anything fancy. love you! had a best time EVER with you on thanksgiving. i shall be framing the boys soon.