weekly 'wut up or shut up.'

let's jump right in - what were we up to this week?
well, we finished carving/painting our pumpkins, which i realize i still haven't blogged about. maybe next week.

penelope got a pedicure.  and, as always, her hair is a mess.  she's going to be super mad at me when she gets older that i never really bother to brush her hair (or put pants on her) but always really bother to take her photo.

the kids dressed up for halloween to go trick-or-treating downtown.  my mom made their costumes - she's a maestro at stuff like that.  if it were up to me, they'd probably go as gym rats every year so all i'd have to do is dress them in sweatpants.  but no.  i have a loving mother who makes me look like i actually put some kind of effort into halloween.

atticus was the hamburglar (todd's idea):

penelope was a candy-crazed little red riding hood (todd's idea - not the candy-crazed part):

and finneas went as waldo (my sister's idea):

 atticus got his new glasses and a sucker from the eye doctor:

i also got my eyes checked since i busted my glasses and needed an exam before i could order new ones. they dilated my eyes, which was fortunate for me so that i could throw up the guns and rock the frameless shades:

and penelope turned two and a half.  she wasn't thrilled about it at first...

...but then i told her she was just that much closer to being able to buy her own scratch tickets and she perked right up.

and i was reminded that inflatables season is upon us.  and more than a little flabbergasted that someone spent hundreds of dollars to make their yard look like this (and also, flabbergasted that they'd pick that paint color for their house...shudder):


todd said...

living the dream one week at a time.

The Crislers said...

I totally believed those were real, tiny glasses on Finneas's face before I saw the close-up photo of him. You guys are awesome at the whole costume idea-thing! I was afraid Caedmon's old costume wasn't going to fit for awhile, and had decided that he could just carry around a doll and be a Dad for trick or treating, but thankfully the old costume worked out. Love the photos!

Amanda Cushman said...

I love the hamburglar idea!

Emily said...

So much to love in this post! The Hamburglar! Nice! There should be a "What ever happened to..." for the old McDonald's characters. I have theories. One involves Ronald becoming clown dictator and putting the rest of the gang in jail. Another is that they all got obesity related diseases. I mean, Grimace and Birdie the Early Bird were already a bit large. Oh, and Mayor McCheese and Bic Mac had burgers for heads. Did they really not expect to get eaten?
Anyway, moving on...the lovely picture of you with your finger guns has this glare off the right side of your glasses and it looks like your eye is open in some creepy way.
Your kids look cute in glasses. :)
I also love the dots at the peak of the house with the inflatables. I imagine the decor inside is truly a sight to behold.
I wrote a very long comment.
The End
Emily V.

Danielle said...

Attucus looks so grown up with his glasses! Wow! And penelope is such a doll in that last photo... :)

I love your family!