just call me quasi for short.

so, i have a bit of a problem.

you know how i mentioned a week or so ago that, in my attempt to start looking less vagrant, i bought a purse?  did i mention that it's the perfect shade of brown-but-not-too-brown-but-not-too-orange-but-not-too-tan?  did i tell you how it is the perfect shape with unobtrusive hardware?  did i let you know that it is the perfect size for all of my wallet-and-book-and-diaper carrying needs?  it really is the perfect bag.


i have never had a bag give me such bad shoulder pain before.  i'm not talking about annoying or mildly uncomfortable.  i'm talking, 'my whole shoulder is burning and it's all i can think about and it's making me nauseous and it's all i can think about' kind of pain.

what's a girl to do?  i think i mentioned that it's the.perfect.bag.  plus, i spent more than i typically do on a bag, simply because (that's right) it's so perfect.  i can't give it up!

but goshdarnit, pretty soon here, i'm not going to have a shoulder to carry it on because i sawed it off with a pocket knife to alleviate the pain.  though i'm not so sure that being self-inducedly shoulderless (and, resultingly, also armless) is all that Womanly.

what is a girl to do? 


todd said...

maybe you could where a bunch of towels around your shoulder like you're in a tug-o-war.

Our life in pictures said...

you may have to buy TWO for each shoulder...take some weight off your bad shoulder...get 2 super perfect bags....or have the kids carry it?

Jessica said...

Do you have too much stuff in it? Maybe it is too heavy?

paige said...

@jessica, that's the thing i don't get! i regularly have a wallet, a set of keys, my phone and a package of wipes. that's usually it. something about how i have to hold my shoulder to keep it from sliding off or something, i don't know.

@shayla, i should get THREE perfect bags, and have each kid carry one and i can skip around hands-free for the first time in AGES! (having your hands full really hinders your skipping ability, as it turns out.)

YAYA said...

Football pads... that should protect your shoulder and give you that look so many 80's ladies were striving for.

With shoulder pads I am certain everyone would take a second glance and certainly see that you do indeed have the perfect bag.

Next stop, big hair!