prepping for the (imminent) arrival of the newest V.V.

I've been prepping.  Not like doomsday prepping... but kind of like doomsday prepping.  Like, "Do we have enough food and supplies to last us through the lean days a-comin'?"  And now that we are just a little over two weeks from my impending apocalypse due date, I feel like it might be time to buckle down and actually get some things on my list crossed off.  Here's the list, as it stands:

1. Buy a bigger van.  We won't all fit in our minivan in two weeks, and I don't like the idea of not being able to legally drive the kids to the emergency room or something if Todd's at work and we can't split the kids up between two vehicles.  So we need a van.  Unfortunately, the kind of van we're looking isn't just widely available at any dealership.  Most of the ones we're finding are about an hour and a half away.  Which then comes with its own sub-bullet points:
         1a. Secure financing
         1b. Figure out when we'll have time to test drive

2. Square away insurance cards. (Done!) My insurance just switched last month.  I just got the new card in the mail two days ago, so that was an issue for a bit, but it has been resolved.  (Now, to get around to calling them and asking them for a PCP that isn't two hours away...)

3. Contact local doula about placenta encapsulation.  (Done!) Totally gross, I know, but totally effective.  I've done it for my last two births, and the hormonal and physical recovery was drastically better.

4. Plan freezer meals.  (I'll share my freezer meal planning with you tomorrow!)
          a. Make list of meals
          b. Grocery list/grocery order
          c. Meal train?

5. Actually cook freezer meals (but not before carpet install - no deep freeze until then).

6.  Line up kid care and postpartum help. (Done!)

7.  Baby clothes/items out, washed. (Done!)

8.  Registry made for any items we need to replace or add. (Done!)  Target offers a one-time 15% discount on anything you put on the registry, so it's nice to just have it on there so we can get the discount on stuff we were needing to buy anyway.

9.  Figure out dresser/family closet situation for clothing storage.

10. Set up our bedroom with all the newbie items I'll need close at hand. (Done!)

11. Enroll in WIC so I can rent out their hospital-grade pump.

12. Make birth plan. (Done!)

13. Set up hospital tour.

14. Plan for postpartum housekeeping help.

15.  Pack hospital bag.
          a. Remember to bring a paci and the Vitamin K drops from home!

16. Install carseat (clean it first).

18. Choose baby book. (Done!) Amazon has some adorable ones, so I put it on my registry on there.  Does anyone know if they offer a discount for registry purchases?

19. Shave legs and paint toenails.  Because nothing makes you feel less-than-human than turning yourself inside out in front of an audience of strangers.  I like to do what I can to feel at least a little less like a troll when it's all said and done.

So, really, no big deal, right?  I just need to clean out the deep freeze, make it over to WIC, schedule a hospital tour, test drive vans 1.5 hours away, get to IKEA in Kansas City to pick up a family closet setup, clear out the garage and the laundry room so I have room for a family closet setup, and shop for and cook about 25 extra meals.  Also, in the meantime, the kids have an orthodontist appointment 2 hours away, we have a carpet install scheduled for the basement (which means I need to clear all the furniture out of the basement), and we're having a raised bed garden put in on Friday.  Also, weekly doctor visits, weekly chiro visits, a hair cut appointment, and trying to cram in our last-ditch efforts at logging a bunch of school hours.

I've totally got this.  Right? RIGHT?!!?! OH MY WORD I DON'T GOT THIS I'M IN A TOTAL PANIC.


Lissa said...

Can you cry out for help to friends? Maybe have a friend buy ingredients for freezer meals (obviously with your money :p) and maybe even make a couple for you or ask a friend to watch children a couple times or even just your little two or three, or maybe have someone else log a few homeschool hours for you. What are friends for if not to actually support one another?

todd said...

there is SO MUCH to do. it's good to get a "W" every once in a while. glad to see some strike-through action on this list. :)

paige said...
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paige said...

Lissa, you are so right. I have such a hard time asking for and accepting help sometimes. I do have some really amazing gals helping me throughout this process - one friend has been really faithful to watch the kids so I can get to my midwife appointments, another friend is coming over on Tuesday to help me make freezer meals. But I do need to be more proactive in seeking out the help I need - thanks so much for the push in the right direction!

stef ha said...

You are SO right about grooming before the big day. "Being turned inside out" could not be more accurate. I was painting between contractions. 🙆🏻

stef ha said...

AND, this is a monster list--you're making great progress and it's ok if only 1/3 gets done. 💜