what's up ON TIME THIS WEEK (ly).

This week was a lot slower paced than the past month or so has been, which I thought would be nice, but I'm finding that makes me stir-crazy.  I did allow Tuesday to be my official Couch Day, which was good and needed, but other than that I haven't really wanted to sit still much.

I got a handle on some of the house cleaning that has been neglected.  (The UPSTAIRS cleaning, because I'm still in a lot of pain and avoid the stairs like they're made of hellfire.  Really nicely carpeted hellfire.  And as our laundry room is in the basement, I'm super behind on laundry.  Oh well.) 

I also finally took a tour of the labor and delivery floor, which was... fine.  It will be fine.  It will all be fine.  As it is a teaching hospital, I was given the heads up that pretty much everyone and their mom will get to come in and ask me the same series of questions over and over, at whatever times of the day their rounds begin, and I have no say in the matter.  So I will need to bring a sign (from home - they don't provide this) that all """"""""""necessary"""""""""" medical staff should be wearing Jason masks upon entering my room, as they assume all risk and liability if I should choose to punch anybody.  Which I likely will.

The one 'win' in all of this is that I actually got to check "take hospital tour" off my list.  Which means I only have two items left - to arrange for a hospital grade pump, and to buy a van.  No small cookies, but there are only TWO THINGS LEFT!  They probably won't get done before I deliver (today is my due date, after all), but they're both manageable.  (And, on a side note, all three of my freezers are stuffed to bursting!  I had to sit on the lid of the chest freezer today just to get the oatmeal muffins to fit.  I feel so accomplished, like I've successfully gathered stores for the winter.)

Okay, anyway - on to photos! Because that's the best part of any blog; forget the blahblahblah, just show us the pictures of the adorable kids!


Rocco was adorable all week, as per usual.

This is his favorite thing to do: climb up on Penelope's bed and read.  Also, wear his tiny baseball cap.

Penelope's butterfly garden brought its A-game.  All five caterpillars had survived and made their cocoons, and spent about a week just chilling out.  Then this past Saturday, they all emerged in their resurrection bodies, and looked pretty smug about it all.  (All except one, whose cocoon never really fully attached to the 'chrysalis station,' so it laid on the floor of the enclosure for the whole week.  When it emerged, it had a really rough time.  It was more pitiful than smug, and maybe even a bit surprised that it made it that far.  Then it died.)

The directions said to wait 3-5 days before releasing them into 'the wild' (hilarious; as though I'm the kind of person who a) chauffeurs butterflies, and b) drives into the wild with such idiotic intentions).  But I was still so worried I wouldn't know when the 'right' time would be.  So we waited until Tuesday, which was still safely in the 3-5 day window.  But like, they started mating with each other by that point.  They did NOT wait around for some kind of apocalypse to motivate them to perpetuate the species.  They apparently did not even wait around for butterfly puberty.  They got their wings all dried off and then were all like, 'Okay, sexy new body: check.  Let's go hound-dog some chicas.'  So we knew for sure it was time to release them.

We released four, and three flew away right away.  This little fella seemed pretty weak and discombulated, so I lovingly named him Bird Fodder, and we just kind of left him out there to figure it out on his own.  At least we know he didn't die a virgin.

And in other random news, I went grocery shopping and stocked up on a few necessities for the following couple of weeks.  I met with a few friends.  I finished two books I'd been working on forrr. evvvvv. errrrr.  Todd arranged for a couple babysitters and we went on a final date night before I'm locked down again by a breastfeeding infant.  And Laurelai got a crazy nosebleed.  I have no idea what happened - it was like 10:30 at night, and she suddenly started shrieking hysterically in her bed, so Todd went in to check on her.  Not only had her nose been bleeding, but she had somehow managed to wipe it all over her face like full-coverage foundation before realizing it was blood.  It was everywhere - her hands, her feet, her legs, her blankets.  But by the time Todd got in there to see what was up, her nose wasn't actually bleeding anymore.  So very weird.

And that was our week!  No other news, except to tell you that today is my due date!  From here on out, we can start grappling with the reality that an actual baby is on the way.  Oh, you mean, you've realized that all along?  Well, aren't you a genius?